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Miroshnichenko, Yu. V

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Vol 330, No 1 (2009) Articles Experience of medical support of troops in the armed conflict in the Southern Osetia PDF
Vol 330, No 5 (2009) Articles Organization of supply of different military units by medicaments in now-day conditions PDF
Vol 330, No 9 (2009) Articles Conceptual approach to integration of a modern system of medical provision PDF
Vol 339, No 2 (2018) Articles Standardization of maintenance by infusion solutions of a large multidisciplinary military medical organization PDF
Vol 339, No 4 (2018) Articles Implementation of modern approaches to testing organic equipment of the medical service of the Armed Forces PDF
Vol 339, No 12 (2018) Articles Identification of the nomenclature of gases for medical use and justification of proposals for regulating their circulation
Vol 338, No 1 (2017) Articles Use of modern means of deployment and equipment of department of medical support for a medical troop (of special purpose) PDF
Vol 338, No 3 (2017) Articles Modern approaches to medical equipment for supplies teams of specialized medical care PDF
Vol 338, No 2 (2017) Articles Software and hardware system for medical equipment recording in a military field hospital PDF
Vol 338, No 6 (2017) Articles Ways of improvement of medical facilities support with infusion solutions. PDF
Vol 338, No 4 (2017) Articles The substantiation of organizational and methodological approaches to the development of standards for the supply of medical equipment tо provide educational activities in the Military Medical Academy PDF
Vol 338, No 11 (2017) Articles Use of high technology and modern technical means for production of medically pure oxygen under hospital and battlefield conditions
Vol 338, No 7 (2017) Articles Interacademic conference «Actual issues on health and safety and emergency medicine» in Moscow. PDF
Vol 337, No 3 (2016) Articles Justification of modern approaches to classification of medical equipment sets
Vol 337, No 2 (2016) Articles Possibilities of pharmacotherapy of diabetes acute complications when delivering urgent and emergency aid PDF
Vol 337, No 6 (2016) Articles Problems and prospects of innovation development of technical support for military medicine
Vol 337, No 4 (2016) Articles Improvement of medical equipment setting for the hospital link of the medical service during wartime
Vol 337, No 7 (2016) Articles Modern order of rationing of medical property for military medical and pharmaceutical organizations in peacetime
Vol 337, No 5 (2016) Articles Contribution of the 320th central warehouse to sanitary medical support of the Red Army during the Great Patriotic war PDF
Vol 337, No 9 (2016) Articles Comparative characteristics of domestic and foreign means of the first aid on the battlefield and in the epicentre of emergency situation PDF
Vol 337, No 6 (2016) Articles Pharmacy in the national health care
Vol 337, No 12 (2016) Articles Application of innovative technologies in the field of health support of troops (forces)
Vol 336, No 1 (2015) Articles Aktual'nye problemy obespecheniya meditsinskim imushchestvom voysk (sil) PDF
Vol 336, No 4 (2015) Articles Characteristics of modern first aid kits, emergency medical service boxes and emergency medical care boxes to equip the troops
Vol 336, No 5 (2015) Articles The contribution of medical supply experts into military health care during the Great Patriotic War
Vol 336, No 7 (2015) Articles Medical devices and its in-field use
Vol 336, No 6 (2015) Articles Problems of drug supply for patients with diabetes mellitus in the military health care and civilian health care
Vol 336, No 8 (2015) Articles Organisational basis of provision with modern first-aid kits, emergency bags and emergency care for military transport.
Vol 336, No 12 (2015) Articles Development and use of modern hardware-software complex for medical equipment accounting in military unit of the medical service in wartime
Vol 336, No 11 (2015) Articles Implementation of modern approaches to medical equipment of medical service’s troops
Vol 336, No 10 (2015) Articles Development of different approaches to classification of medical equipment sets
Vol 335, No 6 (2014) Articles Modern ways of actualisation of military formulary system
Vol 335, No 3 (2014) Articles Perspektivy razvitiya farmatsevticheskoy nauki i praktiki v voennom zdravookhranenii PDF
Vol 335, No 7 (2014) Articles Organization of medical supply for Russian troops during the Patriotic War of 1812 PDF
Vol 335, No 9 (2014) Articles The use of the new loads of expendable medical supplies by the medical service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation PDF
Vol 335, No 11 (2014) Articles The use of new sets and medical kits by the medical service of the Armed Forces
Vol 334, No 7 (2013) Articles Improvement of the system of medical equipmet rationing for military units during the wartime
Vol 334, No 8 (2013) Articles At the cutting edge of russian pharmacy: from the department material medica to the department of military-medical supply and pharmacy
Vol 334, No 11 (2013) Articles Use of functional packages of medical stuff by military level of medical service of the Armed Forces
Vol 334, No 12 (2013) Articles Role of researchers and employees of the Military Medical Academy in development of the system of military medical supply
Vol 333, No 1 (2012) Articles Experience in organization of drug supply for military personnel and military retirees 51 in the United States
Vol 333, No 3 (2012) Articles Use of modern first-aid kits for the first aid dressing in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
Vol 333, No 6 (2012) Articles Improvement of pharmaceutical benefits for military retirees in outpatient care
Vol 333, No 4 (2012) Articles Relevant aspects of the drug supply in military health care
Vol 333, No 12 (2012) Articles Analysis of foreign experience of usage of automation systems of medication distribution in prevention and treatment facilities
Vol 333, No 10 (2012) Articles Use of modern medical wallets at the combat level of medical service of the Armed Forces
Vol 330, No 3 (2009) Articles Juridical, science-methodical and economic aspects of organization of medicamentary help in military health service
Vol 330, No 6 (2009) Articles Modern approaches to solving problems of suppling military treatment-prophylactic institutes by infusion solutions PDF
Vol 331, No 2 (2010) Articles Modernization of organization base of technical service and repair of medical technique
Vol 331, No 8 (2010) Articles Theoretic and applicative aspects of applying of formulary system in military medicine
Vol 331, No 7 (2010) Articles Development of the rationing of medical equipment for troops in the modern world
Vol 331, No 6 (2010) Articles Experience of organization of supply of troops of the Red Army by medical property during the Great Patriotic war
Vol 332, No 5 (2011) Articles Advanced of progressive design approaches to produce Medical Packaging Boxes for modern Functional Complete Sets of Medical Property
Vol 332, No 4 (2011) Articles Yubilei
Vol 332, No 6 (2011) Articles Appliancation of logistics in resources management of medical asset
Vol 332, No 6 (2011) Articles Primenenie sovremennykh ekonomicheskikh mekhanizmov dlya osnashcheniya meditsinskoy tekhnikoy voenno-meditsinskikh uchrezhdeniy
Vol 332, No 8 (2011) Articles Implementation of modem medical, technical and tactical requirements in the construction of first-aid kits and medical bags
Vol 335, No 2 (2014) Articles Improvement of the system of medical equipment rationing for military units in peacetime PDF
Vol 340, No 4 (2019) Articles Development of technical means of auscultation.
Vol 341, No 5 (2020) Articles The role of pharmaceutical workers in the medical support of the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War
Vol 341, No 4 (2020) Articles Features of providing medical equipment to troops (forces) in the Arctic zone
Vol 341, No 6 (2020) Articles Prospects for the development of self - monitoring tools for blood glucose (review of foreign literature)
Vol 341, No 10 (2020) Articles Organization of drug provision for military personnel undergoing medical and psychological rehabilitation in health resort organizations of the Ministry of Defense
Vol 341, No 7 (2020) Articles Substantiation of norms for medical equipment supplement to military health - resort organizations based on project - oriented approaches
Vol 341, No 9 (2020) Articles Description of modern standards for supplying medical equipment of sanatorium - resort organizations of the Ministry of Defense
Vol 342, No 1 (2021) Articles On the rationing of medicines for patients undergoing medical rehabilitation in sanatorium - resort organizations of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
Vol 342, No 2 (2021) Articles The current state and the main directions of improving the drug supply for students in military pre - university educational organizations
Vol 342, No 6 (2021) Articles Substantiation of modern approaches to drug provision of children during sanatorium - resort treatment in military health resorts of Russia
Vol 342, No 2 (2021) Articles Modern aspects of medicine assistance in military healthcare
Vol 342, No 9 (2021) Articles Prospects for the use of modern domestic medical devices to eliminate the life - threatening consequences of injuries and treat traumatic shock on the battlefield and advanced stages of medical evacuation
Vol 342, No 8 (2021) Articles Pharmaceutical training for the Russian army and navy: history and current state

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