Estimation of fuel efficiency of wheeled and tracked tractors at sunflower cultivation
Kosenko V.V., Godzhayev Z.A., Potapov P.V., Goryunkov M.P.
The evolution of design of general purpose tracked tractors
Tsench Y.S., Kosenko V.V., Sharov V.V.
Results of experimental studies of the plow for coupling with drawbar category 3 tractors
Boykov V.M., Startsev S.V., Pavlov A.V., Nesterov E.S.
The creators of tracked agricultural tractors. Dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the first domestic tractor engineering bureau
Kosenko V.V.
The first with completely domestic design. The 85th anniversary of the STZ-NATI tractor
Kosenko V.V., Sharov V.V.
Assessment of the compaction effect and operational characteristics of a crawler tractor based on a rheological approach
Nosov S.V., Рeregudov N.Е.
The method of reasonable selection of a pneumatic tire set for an agricultural tractor
Anisimov N.L.
In memory of Konstantin I. Gorodetsky
Editorial B.
Gorodetskiy K.I., Parfenov A.P., Lavlinskiy A.M.
Ballasting of tractors
Kut'kov G.M., Gribov I.V., Perevozchikova N.V.
Alendeev E.M., Kryuchkov V.A.
Optimization of structure and operation modes of machine-tractor units
Kotsar Y.A., Pluzhnikov S.V., Golovaschenko G.A., Kumakov Y.A., Leonov S.V.
Methods of optimal aggregation of basic machines and working equipment
Yanson R.A., Agapov A.B., Nazimov M.K.
State and prospects of tractor industry development for the agroindustrial complex of Russia
Gorbachiov I.V., Nefiodov A.M.
Developing a new frame-panel superstructure for caterpillar tractors
Dzotsenidze T.D., Ponomarev A.K., Ulyanov O.V., Kozlovskaya M.A., Ilyin V.M.
The device for additional loading as a means to improve the traction and adhesive properties of motor and tractor wheeled machines
Gorshkov Y.G., Larionova G.A., Starunova I.N., Kalugin A.A., Leschenko E.A.
Methods of assessment of mobile energetic vehicles' technological versatility
Kutkov G.M., Kuzmichiov V.V.
Alternatives of transmission for the class 6 caterpillar farm tractor
Lysov A.M.
Tractors with the system for exhaust gases cleaning
Goltyapin V.Y.
A procedure of power losses calculation of caterpillar tractor skid by kinematical inconsistency and asymmetric loading between propellers
Kotovskov A.V., Potapov P.V.
Procedure of studying dynamics of watching system for controlling power take-off shaft of wheeled machines
Zhdanovich C.I., Geraschenko V.V., Yaskevich M.Y.
Design characteristics of an armored tractor for hot climate
Semenov A.G.
The choice of a rational ballasting scheme and the angle of application of the traction force for a caterpillar tractor
Gorodetskiy K.I., Sharipov V.M., Alendeev E.M., Lavlinskiy A.M.
Calculation of optimal power and energy saturation of an agricultural tractor
Samsonov V.A., Lachuga Y.F.
Determination of traction coefficient of driving wheels of the MTZ-82 tractor
Gorodetskiy K.I., Serebryakov V.V., Lavlinskiy A.M.
Disk braking mechanism of a tractor produced by Minsk tractor works
Abaev A.K., Kachmazova E.K., Kachmazova E.I.
Investigation of stiffness in tension and bending of rubber-reinforced tracks of agricultural tractors
Fedotkin R.S., Beynenson V.D., Kryuchkov V.A., Sharipov V.M., Schetinin Y.S.
MK-5 frictional material produced with the use of free filled layer technology
Ilyuschenko A.F., Leshok A.V., Shapovalova O.A.
Soil compaction by running systems of class 2 tractors
Zakharchenko A.N., Balabanov V.I., Gadzhiyev P.I., Ramazanova G.G.
Investigation of acceleration of machine and tractor aggregate using a mathematical model
Nekhoroshev D.A., Nekhoroshev D.D.
The 50th anniversary of ДТ-75 tractor made in Volgograd
Kosenko V.V.
Speeds of agricultural tractors
Gorodetskiy K.I., Sharipov V.M., Alendeyev Y.M., Shevelev A.S., Muratova S.K.
Application prospects of elastic reactive linkage in tractor power train
Kalmykov A.V., Shekhovtsov V.V., Lyashenko M.V., Sokolov-Dobrev N.S., Godzhayev Z.A.
Results of research of moving stability of wheeled tractor under high traction load
Schetinin Y.S., Yesenovskiy-Lashkov M.Y., Klimova Y.V.
Parameter optimization of automatic transmission of an industrial tractor
Pozin B.M., Novoselskiy A.Y., Dovzhik Y.L.
Crawler farm tractor gearbox equipped with gear shift under load and preselector speed range shift
Lysov A.M.
A new research tendency in the service of machine and tractor fleet with the use of power tool
Maslov G.G.
Stability of wheel tractor on the turn
Mamiti G.I., Lyanov M.S., Pliyev S.K., Salbiyeva Z.S.
Mathematical modeling of deformation of wheel tractor tire equipped with a variable mass device for additional loading
Gorshkov Y.G., Akulich O.Y., Starunova I.N., Kalugin A.A., Leschenko Y.A.
Standardization of tractors' reliability
Stopalov S.G., Zaytsev S.D., Streblechenko L.S.
Tangential tractive effort of a wheeled tractor
Turgiyev A.K., Karapetyan M.A., Mochunova N.A.
The role of modular power machines in the formation of tractor types in Ukraine
Nadykto V.T.
Mathematic simulation and calculation of soil compaction by the work of wheeled tractor and after its stop
Zolotarevskaya D.I., Goncharova Z.G.
Effectiveness of providing wheeled tractors with traction-and-additionally loading device
Grebnev V.P., Vorokhobin A.V.
Stabilization of the load mode of the internal combustion engine of the tractor through the use of a hybrid power plant
Rakov V.A., Litvinov V.I.
Creating a domestic caterpillar tractor for modern agricultural production
Sharipov V.M., Izmaylov A.Y., Dorokhov A.S., Fedotkin R.S., Kryuchkov V.A., Esenovskiy-Lashkov M.Y., Ovchinnikov E.V.
The device for automatic locking of inter-wheel differential of wheeled tractor
Laubach V.P., Gerashchenko V.V., Kovalenko N.A.
Loading of tractor on drawbar test when pulling force is directed at the angle
Gorodetskiy K.I., Lavlinskiy A.M., Alendeev E.M.
Weight of perspective universal tractor of 4×4 axle configuration for cotton growing
Osipov O.S., Kambarov B.A.
Features of designing of a wheel small-sized skidding tractor
Voynash S.A., Voynash A.S.
Theory of tractor operation in overload mode with enrichment of diesel air charge
Ukhanov A.P., Ukhanov D.A., Ryblov M.V.
Mathematical models of timber loader motion
Poletaykin V.F., Plesovskikh G.N.
Results of experimental researches of power circulation in transmission of a timber tractor with 6К6 axle configuration
Sivkov Y.N.
Improvement of power take-off shaft of Belarus tractors
Bobrovnik A.I.
Stability of automobile and low-clearance wheeled tractor
Mamiti G.I., Pliyev S.K., Tedeyev V.B.
Soil cultivation work spent by unit
Blednykh V.V., Svechnikov P.G.
Evaluation of effectiveness of the wood chips production in timber terminal
Seliverstov A.A., Gerasimov Y.Y., Sukhanov Y.V., Syuniov V.S., Katarov V.K.
Traction calculation of the traction-power tractor
Kutkov G.M., Sidorov M.V.
Stability of wheel tractor with rocking front axle when driving on a level road
Mamiti G.I., Pliyev S.K.
The analysis of key indicators of tractors' technical level based on the DLG test results
Goltyapin V.Y.
The influence of field sizes on the fuel consumption per hectare by class 1,4; 3 and 5 tractors
Smirnov V.P.
Biofuel made of Camelina sativa
Ukhanov A.P., Ukhanov D.A., Rachkin V.A., Chugunov V.A., Demidov Y.V., Shemenev D.S.
Mathematical model of a tractor with triangle caterpillar contour
Pobedin A.V., Dolgov I.A., Varfolomeyev V.V.
Power indices of tractor in traction-and-driving unit
Serzin I.F., Arsenyev G.M.
Stability of movement of combined MTA (machine-and-tractor unit) with frontal and rear mounted implements
Dontsov I.Y.
Range type gearbox with the power shift of eight stages inside the range
Lysov A.M.
Road tests of an electromechanical wheel tractor motion control systemctor
Poddubny V.I., Nenaydenko A.S., Baybasarov R.R.
Optimization of traction characteristics of agricultural tractors
Samsonov V.A., Lachuga Y.F.
Potential productivity of the tractor
Kut'kov G.M.
Motion control of a wheeled tractor with the use of satellite navigation systems
Poddubny V.I., Pavlyuk A.S., Shaposhnikov Y.A., Kovalev I.M.
Engine power of cotton growing universal tractor of 4×4 axle configuration and 2 tractive class
Osipov O.S., Kambarov B.A.
On a method of development of control programs for gear shifting without breaking of power flux
Lysov A.M.
Preconditions of using the sectionally-continuous speed regulation in tractors development
Gorodetskiy K.I., Shuvayev D.N., Sheveliov A.S.
Increase of technical and economical parameters of wheeled tractors on the base of spatial and topologic approach
Samorodov V.B., Rebrov A.Y., Kuchkov V.V.
Implementation of economic and mathematical model for the North Kazakhstan tractor fleet substantiation
Astafyev V.L., Bobkov S.I., Plokhotenko M.A.
Estimation of tractor life cycle cost
Arkhipov V.S.
Prospects of dynamic oscillations absorbers using in suspensions of tractor cabs
Pobedin A.V., Shekhovtsov V.V., Lyashenko M.V., Sokolov-Dobrev N.S., Shekhovtsov K.V., Godzhayev Z.A.
Tractors operating on gas-engine fuel
Goltyapin V.Y.
Choosing the suspension for agricultural category 5(6) tractor with triangular tracked bypass
Kosenko V.V.
The influence of planetary clutch gear ratio on the rigidity of pneumohydraulic elastic element
Kuznetsov N.G., Nekhoroshev D.A., Nekhoroshev D.D.
The effectiveness of regulation of wheeled tractors' ballasting degree when operating with mounted machines
Grebnev V.P., Vorokhobin A.V.
Mathematical modeling of wheel tractor oscillations
Zolotarevskaya D.I.
On some problems in the domestic theory and practice of tractor design
Novikov G.V.
Reflections on the caterpillar farm tractors domestic production
Lysov A.M.
Influence of class 3 tractors' running gears on the soil compaction and crop yield
Zakharchenko A.N., Zaikina I.V., Zakharchenko A.A.
Parameters of the cooling system of tractor hydraulic transformer
Dyachkov Y.A., Fedyanov Y.A.
Mathematic model of interaction of the wheeled skidding portage system with account for nonholonomic constraints
Kochnev A.M.
Evaluation of the technical level of the agricultural tractor TK-3-180 when it is included in the robotic complex
Lavrov A.V., Zubina V.A., SHevcov V.G., Godzhaev T.Z., Vyaznikov M.V.
The development of the technical concept of the tractor
Kut'kov G.M.
Dependence of the agrotech-nical clearance under the front axle of a cotton tractor with a wheel arrangement 4K4a on the dimensions of the pivot pin, the size of the tires of the steered wheels and the angles of their installation
Kambarov B.A.
Reduction of aftereffect of machine units on the soil
Okunev G.A., Astaf'ev V.L., Kuznetsov N.A.
Noise in cab of a crawler agricultural tractor
Belyy I.F., Bogdanova I.A.
Measurement of tractive effort at the drawbar of tractor in aggregate with mounted agricultural machine
Parkhomenko S.G., Parkhomenko G.G.
Bases of active noise control
Polivayev O.I., Kuznetsov A.N.
State and trends of development of the tractor industry for Russian forest complex
Bartenev I.M., Drapalyuk M.V.
An attached gear box with preselector shift of three gears under load
Lysov A.M.
Comparing the main parameters of agricultural tractors’ trackdrivers
Kupryunin D.G., Scheltsyn N.A., Beynenson V.D., Fedotkin R.S., Bely I.F., Revenko V.Y.
Influence of stochastic external loading conditions on the performance of machine and tractor unit
Eviyev V.A., Ochirov N.G., Mudzhikov B.V.
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