Assessment of the compaction effect and operational characteristics of a crawler tractor based on a rheological approach
Nosov S.V., Рeregudov N.Е.
Ballasting of tractors
Kut'kov G.M., Gribov I.V., Perevozchikova N.V.
Alendeev E.M., Kryuchkov V.A.
Gorodetskiy K.I., Parfenov A.P., Lavlinskiy A.M.
Fuel efficiency of tractors coming on the market
Bely I.F., Bobryashov A.P., Kalyuzhny A.V.
Mathematical modeling of a wheel tractor-trailer oscillations
Zolotarevskaya D.I.
Test results of ВТ-155Д caterpillar tractor with a new superstructure
Dzotsenidze T.D., Ulyanov O.V., Kozlovskaya M.A., Ilyin V.M.
Friction materials for hydromechanical transmissions
Ilyuschenko A.F., Dmitrovich A.A., Shapovalova O.A., Leshok A.V.
Choosing a kinematic diagram for the tractor gear box with preselected powershift
Lysov A.M.
Designing of an Altai tractor with electromechanical transmission
Kulakov A.T., Makushin A.A.
Simulation of machine-tractor unit traction load
Turgiyev A.K., Karapetyan M.A.
A tractor with electromechanical transmission
Florentsev S.N., Izosimov D.B., Makarov L.N., Uss I.N., Sharangovich A.I.
Improved device for increasing cross-country ability of wheeled tractors
Burdykin V.D.
Improving the design of the tractor seat
Dmitrieva E.V., Myakishev A.A.
Method of determining the rational composition of arable unit
Bojkov V.M., Starcev S.V., Pavlov A.V., Nesterov E.S., Lavrent'ev A.V.
Maslov G.G., Zhury I.A.
Determination of reactions of bearing surface on the wheels of tractor with frame stabilization
Mamiti G.I., L'yanov M.S., Pliev S.K., Zokoev A.O., Salbieva Z.S., Tedeev V.B.
Analysis of factors influencing on the efficiency of functioning of tractor fleet of the north region of Kazakhstan
Bobkov S.I.
Features of acceleration of agricultural machine-tractor unit with electric traction
Amelchenko P.A., Zhukovskiy I.N., Gurskiy N.N., Klyuchnikov A.V., Vaschula A.V.
Economy land dimensions as the main minimizing factor of its need for tractors and other machinery
Melnik V.I.
Analysis of agricultural tractors fleet structure in the Northern Kazakhstan
Bobkov S.I., Plokhotenko M.A.
Choosing of class and characteristics of a modern tractor transmission
Amelchenko P.A., Dubovik D.A., Zhukovskiy I.N., Klyuchnikov A.V., Zhukovskiy A.I.
Mathematical modeling of oscillations of a wheel tractor equipped with shock absorbers of front suspension
Zolotarevskaya D.I.
Belarus-921 horticultural tractor
Zezetko N.I.
Electric traction and electric power take-off of agricultural tractor
Amelchenko P.A., Zhukovskiy I.N., Stasilevich A.G., Klyuchnikov A.V., Zhukovskiy A.I.
T-250 tractor: life and fate
Lipkovich E.I.
Continuously variable two-flow hydrovolumetric mechanical gearbox for a tractor with 350-400 hp engine
Samorodov V.B., Shuba S.A., Derkach O.I.
The up-to-date stepless transmissions for farm tractors
Scheltsyn N.A., Frumkin L.A., Ivanov I.V.
Improving the technical and economic performance of internal combustion engine during the operation in transient regimes
Shakirov R.R., Inshakov A.P., Vakhrameyev D.A.
Choosing suspension for the class 6 caterpillar farm tractor with triangular layout diagram
Lysov A.M.
Hydraulic system for increasing traction and adhesive properties of wheeled tractors
Gorshkov Y.G., Starunova I.N., Kalugin A.A.
Analysis of operation of wheeled сlass 1.4 tractor transmission and possibility of its use with sustained power engine
Kuznetsov N.G., Nekhoroshev D.D., Nekhoroshev D.A., Gapich D.S.
Effect of biomass-and-mineral fuel ultrasonic treatment on the tractor diesel indices
Ukhanov A.P., Ukhanov D.A., Ivanov V.A., Blagodarina L.M., Demidov Y.V., Safarov R.K.
Deformation and change of density of soil under the caterpillar machine's track
Nosov S.V., Peregudov N.Y.
Method for determining the parameters of an electromechanical transmission of an industrial tractor
Padalkin B.V., Gorelov V.A., Staduhin A.A., Kosicyn B.B., Balkovskij K.S.
The results determine the acceleration and the mass of the tractor MTZ-80
Arzhenovskiy A.G., Asaturyan S.V., Dagldiyan A.A., Kozlov D.S., Shchus E.R.
Development of methods and means for determining traction-dynamic and fuel-economic parameters of the tractor under operating conditions
Arzhenovskiy A.G.
Determination of stiffness parameters of toothed gears of automobiles and tractors
Tarasik V.P.
Calculation of nominal values of the main indicators of agricultural tractor
Samsonov V.A.
Analysis of operational factors determining the efficiency of fuel economy of machine and tractor unit
Kotsar Y.A., Pluzhnikov S.V., Mavzovin V.S., Kharitonov A.Y., Kadukhin A.I.
Determination of maximal slipping of wheeled movers taking into account the limiting of their impact on soil
Nadykto V.T.
Zetor tractors from Czech Republic at Agrosalon-2012
Goltyapin V.Y.
Systems of automatic enrichment of diesel air charge with promoting substances: theory and engineering solutions
Ryblov M.V., Ukhanov A.P., Ukhanov D.A.
Self-steering system for a tractor unit moving in vineyards row spacing
Chupanov M.A.
Evaluation of the impact of wheel tractor velocity and other factors on its oscillations
Zolotarevskaya D.I.
The 65th anniversary of legendary ДТ-54 tractor
Kosenko V.V.
Development trends of powertrain systems for industrial and forestry tractors
Pozin B.M., Bondar V.N., Dovzhik V.L., Kozlenok A.V., Rozenoer M.G.
Control of reliability level of agricultural tractors based on the estimation of its manufacturing, maintenance and repair cost
Plaksin A.M., Gulyarenko A.A.
On the concept of creating the three-dimensional systems of frame-panel constructions for Kharkov Tractor Plant tractor line
Dzotsenidze T.D., Kozlovskaya M.A., Ilyin V.M.
Tractor adhesion weight in the pressure function in hydraulic system
Yegorov V.N.
Up-to-date sintered metal-ceramic friction composite materials and products
Ilyuschenko A.F., Dmitrovich A.A., Leshok A.V.
Thermal effectiveness of diesel engine cooling system
Yakubovich A.I., Tarasenko V.Y., Bobrovnik A.I.
Spring constant of the final drive of tractor equipped with the built-in pneumohydraulic damper
Zhutov A.G., Avramov V.I., Lyapkosova I.A.
Evaluation of engine workload by tractor use
Janulevičius A., Juostas A., Pupinis G.
The braking stability of tractor train composed of a wheel МТЗ tractor and a semitrailer
Sazonov I.S., Kim V.A., Yasyukovich E.I., Bilyk O.V., Amelchenko P.A., Stasilevich A.G.
Simulation of system way-tractor-driver with regard to evening-out microprofile of support base by tire
Nosov S.V., Kindyukhin Y.Y.
The increase of four-wheel tractor maneuverability
Akhmetov A.A., Kambarov B.A., Kambarova D.U.
Method of the strength analysis of a track-type tractor undercarriage with the use of multibody simulation and fininte element analysis
Gorelov V.A., Komissarov A.I., Vdovin D.S., Gaev S.V., Vyaznikov M.V., Taratorkin I.A.
Calculation of the maximum energy saturation of an agri-cultural tractor
Samsonov V.A., Lachuga Y.F.
Determination method of rational design parameters for four-shaft not-coaxial preselector transmissions of agricultural tractors
Sharipov V.M., Nyunin B.N., Kryuchkov V.A., Fedotkin R.S., Alendeev E.M., Timofievskiy A.A.
Assessment of environmental friendliness of tractors, machinery and equipment
Trembovelskiy L.G., Griff M.I.
Steering system of universal all-wheel steer tractor
Kozlov D.G., Durmanov A.S.
Structural features of Polish tractors
Goltyapin V.Y.
Dynamic stability of a crawled tractor equipped with hydrovolumetric slewing mechanism when it is aggregated with a plough
Lebedev A.T., Lebedev S.A.
Agricultural machine-building industry: urgent tasks
Lipkovich E.I.
Soil compaction by track and wheel tractor
Loparev A.A., Komkin A.S.
Estimation of soil compaction by ВТ-150 tractor equipped with different types of caterpillars
Revenko V.Y., Kupryunin D.G., Beynenson V.D., Fedotkin R.S., Bely I.F., Veselov N.B., Zverev N.V.
The 85th anniversary of the Volgograd tractor plant and of СТЗ-1 tractor - the first mass-produced domestic tractor
Kosenko V.V.
The development of tractor theory
Kut'kov G.M.
Analysis of continuously variable transmission of the Fendt 900 Vario tractor line: what is behind the ads?
Samorodov V.B., Bondarenko A.I.
Machine systems for the production of fuel chips from woody biomass using the full-tree harvesting method
Sukhanov Y.V., Seliverstov A.A., Syunev V.S., Gerasimov Y.Y.
Ensuring a smooth gear shift without interruption of power flux
Lysov A.M.
A method of study of the short log tractor operating modes
Voynash A.S., Voynash S.A.
Calculation of radiation protection of the wheeled and caterpillar machines' operator
Gusev S.A.
Expansion of electric power use on agricultural tractors
Goltyapin V.Y.
Comparative assessment of some variants of stepless turning mechanism for caterpillar farm tractor
Lysov A.M.
About possibility of creation of tractor modification with triangle caterpillar outline
Dolgov I.A., Pobedin A.V., Varfolomeyev V.V.
Comparative assessment of economy of tractor with hydrodynamical transmission by different laws of high-pressure fuel pump control
Dyachkov Y.A., Fedyanov Y.A., Deynichenko Y.M.
The methodology for assessing the level of localization of agricultural tractors production
Godzhayev Z.A., Lavrov A.V., Shevtsov V.G., Zubina V.A.
The unification of certain terms and concepts used in the study of land transport-technological vehicles
Parfenov A.P., Shchetinin Y.S.
Analysis and refinement of design parameters of the machine-tractor unit based on the tractor K-744R-05
Antipin V.P., Valyazhonkov V.D., Durmanov M.Y., Kulikov V.N., Mikhaylov A.O.
Analysis of possibilities for application of airless tires for motor-and-tractor vehicles and agricultural machinery
Mikheev A.V., Kostrova Z.A., Belyakov V.V., Zezyulin D.V., Makarov V.S.
Optimal energy saturation of agricultural tractor
Samsonov V.A., Lachuga Y.F.
Coordinate calculation method of steering linkage
Malinovskiy M.P., Gladov G.I.
Continuously variable hydrovolumetric mechanical gearbox for 220-240 hp tractors
Samorodov V.B., Kalinin S.V., Zabelyshinskiy Z.E., Shuba S.A., Derkach O.I.
Optimal engine power of a wheeled tractor depending on its tractive and coupling properties
Bobryashov A.P.
Commemorating the 110th anniversary of academician V.N. Boltinskiy
Kutkov G.M.
System of rear-view mirrors on a mobile vehicle intended for transmission of one whole image to a driver
Garanin G.V., Zotov I.B.
Slipping of discs of disengaged clutches in tractor gearboxes
Gorodetskiy K.I., Alendeyev Y.M.
Tractor gear shift modeling
Gorodetskiy K.I., Melnikov A.Y., Muratova S.K., Alendeyev Y.M.
Optimization of structure and operation modes of machine-tractor units
Kotsar Y.A., Pluzhnikov S.V., Golovaschenko G.A., Kumakov Y.A., Leonov S.V.
Methods of optimal aggregation of basic machines and working equipment
Yanson R.A., Agapov A.B., Nazimov M.K.
State and prospects of tractor industry development for the agroindustrial complex of Russia
Gorbachiov I.V., Nefiodov A.M.
Developing a new frame-panel superstructure for caterpillar tractors
Dzotsenidze T.D., Ponomarev A.K., Ulyanov O.V., Kozlovskaya M.A., Ilyin V.M.
The device for additional loading as a means to improve the traction and adhesive properties of motor and tractor wheeled machines
Gorshkov Y.G., Larionova G.A., Starunova I.N., Kalugin A.A., Leschenko E.A.
Methods of assessment of mobile energetic vehicles' technological versatility
Kutkov G.M., Kuzmichiov V.V.
Alternatives of transmission for the class 6 caterpillar farm tractor
Lysov A.M.
Tractors with the system for exhaust gases cleaning
Goltyapin V.Y.
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