Determination of quality of cultivation by means of soil spiker
Kovalev M.M., Sheychenko V.A., Shevchuk V.V., Fadeev V.G.
Calculation method of modeling of deformation properties of soils in the forecasting problems of interaction of wheeled mover with the bearing surface
Kurdyuk V.A., Volskaya N.S., Rusanov O.A.
Research of movement of hexagonal and circular disk working organs of tillage machines
Kobyakov I.D., Yevchenko A.V.
Calculation model of technological process of soil crumbling by means of tillage working organs
Blednykh V.V., Svechnikov P.G., Troyanovskaya I.P.
Mathematic simulation and calculation of soil compaction by the work of wheeled tractor and after its stop
Zolotarevskaya D.I., Goncharova Z.G.
A soil and moisture saving method of primary tillage on the slopes
Sokolov N.M.
Soil compaction by track and wheel tractor
Loparev A.A., Komkin A.S.
Features of the combined effect of active and passive tools on the soil
Nikolayev V.A.
Use of simulation modeling for optimization of configuration of soil cultivating units in the process of grain farming
Oskin S.V., Tarasenko B.F., Drobot V.A.
Rotor diameter optimization of a soil cultivating machine
Gadzhiyev P.I., Makhmutov M.M., Dzhabbarov A.K.
Mathematical modeling of oscillations of a wheel tractor equipped with shock absorbers of front suspension
Zolotarevskaya D.I.
Optimizing the pitch of sole of two-stage B-shaped knives
Makhmutov M.M., Bykovskiy V.S.
Study and calculation of soil compaction during operation and after stopping of a wheeled tractor
Zolotarevskaya D.I.
Improving the working organs of tools for autumn shallow soil cultivation
Gayfullin G.Z., Amantayev M.A., Kurach A.A., Muntayeva M.A.
An analysis of energy consumption for cutting soil by point and landward edge of share during the ploughing
Nikolayev V.A.
Mitigation of effect of compacted soil lump
Sidorov S.A., Khoroshenkov V.K., Mironov D.A., Luzhnova E.S.
Selection of rational parameters for blade rotary working organ on the basis of its kinematic analysis
Akimov A.P., Konstantinov Y.V., Fedorov D.I., Akvilyanova I.N.
A tool for tillage in areas exposed to water erosion
Sokolov N.M.
Regularities of contact interaction of small-sized supporting elements of walking machines with weakly bearing soils
Chernyshev V.V., Goncharov A.A., Kalinin Y.V., Arykantsev V.V., Al-Dumaini O.A.
Flexible element in the composition of the working bodies of the rotary soil-cultivating ripping-separating machine
Syromyatnikov Y.U., Hramov N.S., Vojnash S.A.
Design improvement of plough harrow
Kushnir V.G., Benyukh O.A.
An analysis of soil compaction by frontal disk harrows
Zvolinsky V.N., Gavrilin M.A.
The influence of the angle of loosening of the working body of an agricultural instrument on the intensity of destruction of soil aggregates
Myalenko V.I.
Operation analysis of soil spiker needles during their rolling on soil
Khaylis G.A., Kovalev M.M., Tolstushko N.N., Shevchuk V.V.
Formation the driving force of wheeled and caterpillar machine-tractor units
Makhmutov M.M., Khismatullina Y.R.
Estimation method of real embedding of working organs under the testing of soil cultivating machinery
Kireyev I.M., Koval Z.M.
Implements for embedding of green manure into the surface soil in organic farming technology
Astaf'ev V.L., Bobkov S.I., Aleksentsev K.I.
Introduction in the theory of involvement of soil masses in movement with specific reference to the soil processing
Imamov I.S., Belov S.V., Vorobiov Y.I.
Forest fire extinguishing unit with end mill: optimization of parameters and operational regimes
Karnaukhov A.I., Orlovskyi S.N.
Innovative technology of reconstruction and remediation of forest shelter belts
Kulik K.N., Bartenev I.M.
Theoretical and experimental determination of tractive resistance of a rope and roller cultivator
Polikutin N.G., Telichkina N.A.
Minimizing the disturbance of soil aggregate structure during cultivation
Petrenko N.N., Marchenko T.K.
The study of soil crumbling when using new working bodies
Parhomenko G.G.
Dontsov I.E., Lysych M.N.
Comparative tests of ploughs
Boykov V.M., Startsev S.V., Nesterov Y.S.
A new construction of tree-planting machine
Bartenev I.M., Shavkov M.V.
Increase of durability of working bodies of tillage machines by applying metal-ceramic coatings
Titov N.V.
Role of soil bin in studies of processes in the “working organ - soil” system
Zvolinskiy V.N., Mosyakov M.A., Nikolayenko N.Y.
Vibration roller as an automatic system for soil density equalization
Shapar M.S., Shishlov A.N.
A soil hardness measuring instrument
Kireyev I.M., Trubitsyn N.V., Koval Z.M., Slesarev V.N.
Increase in the level of functioning of agricultural tillage machines by justifying the parameters of the column of the working body
Kambulov S.I., Rykov V.B., Bozhko I.V., Kolesnik V.V.
Innovative row crop cultivator
Rudenko N.Y., Gorbachev S.P., Rudenko V.N.
Environmental aspects of processing chernozem with high-speed tools
Zvolinsky V.N.
Robotics technology and agrochemical support of plant cultivation
Sychev V.G., Afanas'ev R.A., Godzhaev Z.A., Grishin A.P., Grishin A.A.
Hydraulic vibration separating working organ of a potato harvester
Gordeyev O.V., Gordeyev V.I.
The uniformity of grain seed distribution with a double-strand opener
Demchuk Y.V., Kobyakov I.D.
Prospects for the development of undercarriage systems of modern mobile energy devices for agricultural purposes
Godzhaev Z.A., Pogozhina A.M.
Comparing the main parameters of agricultural tractors’ trackdrivers
Kupryunin D.G., Scheltsyn N.A., Beynenson V.D., Fedotkin R.S., Bely I.F., Revenko V.Y.
Exper-imental study of the characteristics of tractor pneumatic tires
Parkhomenko S.G., Parkhomenko G.G.
Slipping dynamics of a class 1,4 wheeled tractor
Kuznetsov N.G., Gapich D.S., Shiryayeva Y.V.
Evaluation of the impact of wheel tractor velocity and other factors on its oscillations
Zolotarevskaya D.I.
Justification of the operating modes of the needle disk of a new design
Shmidt A.N., Kem A.A., Chekusov M.S., Kuz'min D.E., Soyunov A.S.
A modernized cultivator-ridger
Gorbachiov I.V., Labukh V.M.
Estimation of soil compaction by ВТ-150 tractor equipped with different types of caterpillars
Revenko V.Y., Kupryunin D.G., Beynenson V.D., Fedotkin R.S., Bely I.F., Veselov N.B., Zverev N.V.
Application of differentiated tillage
Fedorov S.E.
String module cultivator for surface tillage
Rudenko N.Y., Kayvanov S.D., Kalugin D.S., Zavyalik F.N.
Investigation of viscoelastic state of soil under the influence of active surface of the tillage roller
Semenikhina Y.A.
An energy-saving modular tiller
Rudenko N.Y., Lyakhov A.P., Gerasimov Y.V., Padaltsin K.D.
Assessment of limiting state of working organs of soil-cultivating cutters
Zvolinskiy V.N., Nikolayenko N.Y.
Theoretical estimate of traction and coupling performance of wheel tractors
Gapich D.S., Nesmiyanov I.A., Shiryayeva Y.V.
Determination of the specific soil resistance using deep subsurface tillage in conditions of Northern Kazakhstan
Kuvayev A.N.
An improved cultivator’s working organ
Kushnir V.G., Benyukh O.A.
Substantiation of constructive and technological parameters of a cylindrical cleaner of soil impurities of onion harvester
Sibirev A.V., Dorokhov A.S., Aksenov A.G.
Theory of interaction between vibratory tillage tools and soil
Fedorenko I.Y.
Aggregate for grassy cover formation in vineyard row-spacings
Chupanov M.A., Kaziyev M.A., Alichaev M.M.
The influence of local loosening of the soil on soybean productivity
Pashchenko V.F., Syromyatnikov Y.U., Hramov N.S., Vojnash S.A.
Field research of a roller-scraper bar machine for harvesting onions
Sibirev A.V., Aksenov A.G., Emel'yanov P.A., Pryamov S.B.
State and trends of development of the tractor industry for Russian forest complex
Bartenev I.M., Drapalyuk M.V.
Theoretical investigation of design parameters for disc coverer of seed onion sowing unit
Yemelyanov P.A., Sibirev A.V.
T-250 tractor: life and fate
Lipkovich E.I.
Economic assessment of a soil cultivating cutter with B-shaped two-stage knives
Mozhayev Y.Y., Dzhabbarov A.K.
Investigation of temperature condition of soil plowing horizon during soil compaction
Loparev A.A., Komkin A.S.
Improving the milling unit design
Ozherelyev V.N.
Improvement of construction of a chisel plow
Shchirov V.V., Khizhnyak V.I., Nesmiyan A.Y., Khlystov E.I., Bobryashov A.P.
Effective methods and engineering tools for grubbing
Bartenev I.M., Pozdnyakov Y.V.
Implementation of nature-like technologies in the development of new working bodies for tillage in arid conditions
Parhomenko G.G.
Modeling the operation of a screw L-shaped knife of a tiller
Dranyaev S.B., Chatkin M.N., Koryavin S.M.
Electric vibrating electrode arc strengthening of working organs of soil cultivating machines with the use of ceramic-metal materials
Litovchenko N.N., Titov N.V., Kolomeychenko A.V.
A fractal model of soil structure
Makhmutov M.M., Vorobiov Y.I., Imamov I.S., Pakhunova R.N.
Substantiation of rational constructive parameters of the chisel subsoiler for autumn tillage of stubble field to tractors of the 8 drawbar category
Polishchuk Y.U., Derepaskin A.I., Laptev N.V., Komarov A.P.
Speed energy-saving cultivator
Rudenko N.E., Kayvanov S.D., Zavyalik F.N.
Mobile soil track
Yemelyanov P.A., Sibiriov A.V., Aksionov A.G.
Force analysis of the mechanisms of tillage machines working elements following a specified path
Parkhomenko G.G., Parkhomenko S.G.
Computer model of soil cultivation with a tiller
Ramazanova G.G., Belov M.I., Gadzhiyev P.I.
Combined undermining working organ
Norchayev Z.R.
The use of plastics in the construction of soil-working tools
Parkhomenko G.G., Bozhko I.V., Gromakov A.V., Pakhomov V.I.
Parameter optimization of combined ploughshare of a tree planting machine on the base of physical and mathematical modeling
Bartenev I.M., Shavkov M.V.
Influence of absolute soil humidity on the porosity of soil packing
Makhmutov M.M., Chepurnoy A.I., Makhmutov M.M., Dzhabarov A.K.
Computational and experimental assessment of the influence of ultra-low pressure tires of mobile power equipment on soil
Godzhaev Z.A., Goncharenko S.V., Artemov A.V., Pryadkin V.I., Godzhaev T.Z.
Development of combined working organ for graded subsurface tillage
Bozhko I.V., Parkhomenko G.G., Gromakov A.V., Kambulov S.I., Rykov V.B.
On constructional deterioration of working organs of soil-cultivating cutters
Zvolinskiy V.N.
The quality of soil cultivation by disk working members
Kobyakov I.D.
Increasing soil compacting impact by roller of a combined machine for preplanting cultivation
Akhmetov A.A.
A soil cultivating roller
Kushnir V.G.
The transporting ability of the rotor of the soil-cultivating loosening and separating vehicle
Pashchenko V.F., Syromyatnikov Y.U.
Working body for loosening the soil in a row between bushes of berry crops
Gordeev O.V., Gordeev V.O.
Substantiation of design and technological parameters of vibratory roller
Shapar M.S., Shishlov A.N.
The optimal profile of subsurface cultivator hoe
Svechnikov P.G.
Specifics of certification of agricultural tires with maximum consideration of their operating conditions
Goncharenko S.V., Godzhaev Z.A., Pryadkin V.I., Artyomov A.V., Godzhaev T.Z.
Power consumption of soil rotary tillage with small-size cutters having driving wheels
Kupryashkin V.F., Naumkin N.I., Chatkin M.N.
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