Analysis of influence of machine-tractor unit completing quality on its movement dynamics
Roslavtsev A.V., Sapozhnikov I.I.
Development issues of innovative system of machines and technologies for plant cultivation
Yelizarov V.P., Beylis V.M.
A new conception of control system for fuel feed
Pogulyayev Y.D., Naumov V.N., Belonogov S.A.
Mel'nikov A.S., Bilyk O.V., Choy K., Mel'nikov A.A.
To the substantiation of operation mode of backup heating and ventilation systems of drum solar dryer
Kupreyenko A.I., Chenin A.N.
Control of the separation process of potato combine
Slavkin V.I., Belov S.V., Zhuravliov A.V., Lobachevskiy P.Y., Pronin V.Y.
Formation of the dynamic system of the test bench for transmissions at the design stage
Godzhayev Z.A., Shekhovtsov V.V., Lyashenko M.V., Merlyak V.K., Filippov N.V.
Method for selection of rational parameters of suspension system of high-speed tracked vehicle
Savochkin V.A., Sharipov V.M., Smirnov I.A., Shishanov S.M., Tarasova L.I.
Shatrov M.G., Khachiyan A.S., Sinyavskiy V.V., Shishlov I.G., Vakulenko A.V.
System analysis of process of high-temperature thermomechanical treatment for blanks of hollow track pins
Dementyev V.B., Zasypkin A.D.
Development of information technologies in the field of agricultural machinery testing
Buklagin D.S.
System studies of the preparation of protein feed
Priporov I.E.
Agricultural machine-building industry: urgent tasks
Lipkovich E.I.
Ejection system of distributed supply of gaseous fuel into diesel engine
Volodin V.V., Zagorodskikh B.P., Bebenin Y.V.
Dependence of movements of the control system regulating body on the index of oscillation
Lipa O.A.
A method of synthesis of multilevel cushioning systems of high-speed caterpillar machines
Kotiyev G.O., Sarach Y.B.
Improved device for increasing cross-country ability of wheeled tractors
Burdykin V.D.
Features of the operation of engine oils in a combined lubrication system “engine-gearbox”
Krokhta G.M., Krum V.A., Usatykh N.A., Khomchenko Y.N.
Frictional steering devices in two-flow transmissions of transport caterpillar vehicles
Demidov N.N., Dobretsov R.Y., Medvedev M.S.
Simulation of the process of shipping and stowing cabbage in containers with gentle machine-harvesting regime of cabbage
Alatyrev S.S., Kruchinkina I.S., Alatyrev A.S., Yurkin A.P.
Analysis of design quality of tillage machines for agricultural engineering small-scale mechanization means of 0.2 tractive class
Devyanin S.N., Sapozhnikov I.I., Shmonin V.A.
Experimental researches of a self-propelled potato harvester equipped with separation process control system
Slavkin V.I., Belov M.I., Krasnyaschikh K.A., Pronin V.Y., Zhuravlev A.V.
Coordinate calculation method of steering linkage
Malinovskiy M.P., Gladov G.I.
Estimation of arrangement of a system containing two observation mirrors for object control
Garanin G.V., Zotov I.B.
Harmonization of Russian and European diplomas of higher professional agroengineering education
Nuyanzin Y.A., Naumkin N.I.
Modeling of reciprocating engine cycle in the process of exhaust gases recirculation
Gavrilov A.A., Gots A.N.
Modeling of work process of grain crusher ejector
Bulatov S.Y.
Formation of nitrogen oxides in diesel engine operating on methanol and rapeseed methyl ester
Likhanov V.A., Devetyarov R.R., Kopchikov V.N., Fominykh A.V., Araslanov M.I., Kozlov A.N.
Is the agro-industrial sector of Russian Federation stagnating or developing?
Zhalnin E.V.
Analysing the state of design and experimental researches of transport vehicles' frame constructions
Faradzhev F.A., Godzhayev Z.A., Nadezhdin V.S.
Adaptive technical equipping of rural commodity producers
Lipkovich E.I.
Development of the design of an internal combustion engine cooling system with a pre-starting heating function
Ivanov N.A., Otmakhov D.V., Zakharychev S.P., Kazannikov O.V.
Road tests of an electromechanical wheel tractor motion control systemctor
Poddubny V.I., Nenaydenko A.S., Baybasarov R.R.
Investigations of the physical properties of camelina oil mixtures for hydraulic systems of agricultural machinery
Zartdinov F.F., Zartdinova F.F., Khokhlov A.L., Glushchenko A.A., Salakhutdinov I.R.
General technical and technological requirements to the system of innovative machine technologies and machinery
Beylis V.M.
Three-dimensional supporting systems of frame construction for technological superstructures of agricultural purposes
Shkel' A.S., Zagarin D.A., Kozlovskaya M.A., Dzotsenidze T.D.
Lowering of aerodynamical noise of exhaust valve of ventilation system at transport
Kuzovov A.N., Ovtsynov P.V., Merkulov V.I.
A system of wheeled tractor movement control based on the satellite navigation
Poddubny V.I.
Systems of automatic enrichment of diesel air charge with promoting substances: theory and engineering solutions
Ryblov M.V., Ukhanov A.P., Ukhanov D.A.
Theoretical background for the optimization of combined fuel purification in fuel systems of mobile machines
Udler E.I., Isayenko V.D., Isayenko P.V., Gotovtseva T.A.
Diesel engine conversion to fuel supply with compressed natural gas
Bazarov B.I., Kalauov S.A., Vasidov A.K.
Modernization of СЗ-3,6А seeder for operation by energy-saving technologies
Gorobey V.P., Luzin V.A.
Influence of using of methanol and rapeseed methyl ester on combustion process and effective indicators of 2Ч 10,5/12,0 diesel engine
Likhanov V.A., Devetyarov R.R., Fominykh A.V., Kopchikov V.N., Araslanov M.I., Kozlov A.N.
Reduction of nitric oxides' content in the exhaust gases of diesel engine by means of methanol application with usage of double fuel supply system
Likhanov V.A., Lopatin O.P., Anfilatov A.A.
An innovation in the construction of water vaporizing air coolers for tractor cabs
Mikhaylov V.A., Sharipova N.N.
Control of mechanical stepless transmission
Blagonravov A.A., Revnyakov Y.N.
Synthesis of a system of inertial dynamic stabilization with control according to a set of parameters measured on board a self-propelled vehicle
Sirotin P.V.
Justification of required number of vehicles when combined cabbage cleaning
Alatyrev S.S., Cruchinkina I.S., Alatyrev A.S., Fedorov D.I.
Investigation of viscoelastic state of soil under the influence of active surface of the tillage roller
Semenikhina Y.A.
Dubin D.A., Nakaznoi O.A., Chizhov D.A., Shmakov A.Y.
Improvement of agricultural machines reliability by means of controlled tightening
Astakhov M.V., Nikishkina A.B.
Analysis of market of row-crop cultivators
Fomenko D.S., Nesmiyan A.Y.
Constructional and technological characteristic of a shutter air cleaner with curvilinear diversion canal
Saitov V.Y., Farafonov V.G., Suvorov A.N.
Designing conception of innovative development and modernization of integrated mechanization of agro-industrial complex for the period up to 2025
Beylis V.M., Antyshev N.M.
Engineering of vibration protection system for transport unit of a motor cultivator
Podrubalov V.K., Podrubalov M.V., Skuratnik S.Y.
High-pressure mixed-flow fan of tractor diesel cooling system
Andreyenkov A.A.
Dual-fuel system for tractor diesel with multi-stage heating
Ryzhov Y.N., Inshakov A.P., Kurochkin A.A.
Electronic on-board control system of operational and technological parameters of cotton harvesting units
Ulzhayev E., Ubaydullayev U.M., Ulzhayev Z.E.
Aerodynamic configurations, characteristics and application of transverse fans
Sychugov N.P.
Features of using diesel power stations and systems with energy storage and current limiters
Genin V.S., Popova M.V.
A system of capacity stabilization for the forage harvesters
Chepurnoy A.I., Pakhunova R.N., Pronin V.Y.
Adaptive technical equipping of rural commodity producers
Lipkovich E.I.
Control of internal combustion engine regimes with the use of mathematical model
Makushin A.A., Zubkov E.V., Bakhvalova V.S., Ilyukhin A.N.
Tasks and problems of the revival of domestic agricultural engineering
Kolchin N.N., Zvolinsky V.N.
Comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of the vibration protection of the active suspension system with PID control
Kuz'min V.A., Godzhaev Z.A.
Analysis and development of the oil separator of the crank-case ventilation system of a highly-boosted diesel engine
Andriyanov S.M., Nikishin V.N., Kulikov A.S.
Determination of reactions of bearing surface on the wheels of tractor with frame stabilization
Mamiti G.I., L'yanov M.S., Pliev S.K., Zokoev A.O., Salbieva Z.S., Tedeev V.B.
Synthesis of control model of operating reliability of combine harvesters
Tsarev Y.A., Simon D.V.
Experimental assessment of wear and plastic deformations of the hydraulic cylinder elastomeric seals
Borisov V.I., Kuznetsov V.V., Vodyakov V.N., Kotin A.V.
Enhancement of efficiency and operation security of man-machine systems
Lipkovich I.E., Lopatin A.D.
Microprocessor control of fuel supply in diesel-generator
Ageyev V.A., Dushutin K.A., Vantyusov Y.A., Dudin A.V.
Estimation of fuel quality indices based on the investigation of its tribochemical processes and properties
Kerimov M.A., Safiullin R.N., Marusin A.V.
Mutual correlation and spectral analysis of excitations from reference tracks on different ruts
Podrubalov V.K., Podrubalov M.V.
Prospects of dynamic oscillations absorbers using in suspensions of tractor cabs
Pobedin A.V., Shekhovtsov V.V., Lyashenko M.V., Sokolov-Dobrev N.S., Shekhovtsov K.V., Godzhayev Z.A.
Reliability of tractor hydraulic systems in the context of purity of power fluid
Aliboyev B.A.
An integrated quality control system for the mechanized works in crop growing
Garanin G.V.
Systemic and analytical method for the formation of technological policy in the agro-industrial sector of Russian Federation
Zhalnin E.V.
Computer separator for the grain cleaning
Yampilov S.S., Tsybenov Z.B., Tsydypov T.T.
Ensuring the operability and fault tolerance of machinery by redundancy of replaceable elements
Eltoshkina E.V., Buraev M.K., Bodyakina T.V.
Programming the trajectories of machine-tractor units
Kalyuzhnyj A.T., Gus'kov Y.U., Dolgushin A.A.
Simulation modeling of the volumetric hydraulic drive
Popov A.Y.
The characteristic of innovations of working bodies for sowing in technology of soil-free tillage and sowing
Bespamyatnova N.M., Bespamyatnov Y.A., Kolin'ko A.A.
A method for calculation of oil supply to the parts of units of agricultural machinery
Malomyzhev O.L., Fedotova N.E., Skutel'nik V.V.
Experimental research of electro-hydraulic proportional valve of mechatronic control system of automatic gearbox
Tarasik V.P., Savitskiy V.S.
Study of stationary regimes of drum grain dryer and opportunities to increase their intensity
Andrianov N.M., Mei S., Xue Y.
Stabilization of diesel fuel supply
Inshakov A.P., Kryuchkov S.V., Soloviov R.O.
Impact of the operational factors on lubrication conditions of crankshaft bearings of motor and tractor engines
Makushin A.A., Barylnikova Y.P.
Duplex electromechanical transmission with automatic control system
Dushutin K.A., Ageyev V.A., Vantyusov Y.A.
Theoretical investigations of wheeled tractor frame oscillations during the operation in tractive mode
Schetinin Y.S., Yesenovskiy-Lashkov M.Y., Sergeyev A.I.
Effective indicators of 2Ч 10,5/12,0 diesel operating on ethanol and rape oil and using binary system of fuel supply
Likhanov V.A., Araslanov M.I., Kozlov A.N.
Efficiency improvement of automatic assembly in automotive and tractor engineering
Bukhteyeva I.V., Petukhov S.L.
Optimization of structure and operation modes of machine-tractor units
Kotsar Y.A., Pluzhnikov S.V., Golovaschenko G.A., Kumakov Y.A., Leonov S.V.
Agricultural engineering products quality certification maintenance based on the tractive and transport vehicles movement theory
Roslavtsev A.V., Sapozhnikov I.I.
A bulldozer hybrid power plant generator
Voronin S.G., Sogrin A.I., Shvalev Y.S., Kislitsin V.I.
One-channel stand for testing ТНВД (high-pressure fuel pump) of modern diesels
Gabitov I.I., Gabbasov A.G., Yagodin R.V.
Vibration protection of the hydraulic suspension system of mobile vehicles using active regulation by a neural network controller
Godzhaev Z.A., Sen'kevich S.E., Kuz'min V.A.
Design characteristics of an armored tractor for hot climate
Semenov A.G.
Modeling the movement control of a wheeled agricultural machine in real time
Nenajdenko A.S., Poddubnyj V.I., Valekzhanin A.I.
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