Issue Title Abstract File
Vol 23, No 1 (2016) Clinical Efficacy of Minimally Invasive Transpedicular Stabilization for Thoracic and Lumbar Vertebrae Fractures Abstract
Byval’tsev V.A., Kalinin A.A., Budaev A.E.
Vol 26, No 4 (2019) Clinical experience in the treatment of fragility pelvic fractures Abstract
Solod E.I., Lazarev A.F., Petrovskiy R.A., Ananin A.V., Abdulkhabirov D.A., Alsmadi Y.M.
Vol 26, No 2 (2019) Clinical historical aspects of treatment of (part I) Abstract
Gudi S.M., Epishin V.V., Korochkin S.B., Kuznetsov V.V., Samokhin A.G., Pakhomov I.A.
Vol 26, No 3 (2019) Clinical historical aspects of treatment of (part II) Abstract
Gudi S.M., Epishin V.V., Korochkin S.B., Kuznetsov V.V., Samokhin A.G., Pakhomov I.A.
Vol 10, No 2 (2003) Clinical Manifestations, Diagnosis and Treatment of Congenital Arthrogryposis in Children Abstract
Malakhov O.L., Kosov I.S., But-Gusaim I.A., Mikhaylova S.A., Malakhov O.A., Kosov I.S., But-Gusaim I.A., Mikhailova S.A.
Vol 25, No 3-4 (2018) Clinical manifestations of mucopolysaccharidosis type I (Orthopaedic aspects) Abstract
Mikhailova L.K., Polyakova O.A.
Vol 19, No 3 (2012) Clinical, Roentgenologic and Pododynamography Results of Minimum Invasive Total Hip Arthroplasty Abstract
Laykher F., Sandler K., Scheider S., Babisch J., Seleznyov M.N., But-Gusaim A.B., Sirotin I.V., Pimenov A.A., Rot A.
Vol 21, No 4 (2014) Clinical Study of the Influence of Implants Made of Different Metals on the Physical Status of Experimental Animals Abstract
Gatina E.B., Akhtyamov I.F., Shakirova F.V., Manirambona Z.K.
Vol 19, No 4 (2012) Clinical-Morphological Features and Correlative Dependence of Clinical, Sonographic Data and Histologic Indices of Lesion in Soft Tissue Ganglion of the Wrist Abstract
Grigorovsky V.V., Strafun S.S., Shipunov V.G.
Vol 12, No 1 (2005) Closed Compressive Osteosynthesis in Femoral Neck Frac­tures Using Authors' Technique Abstract
Belinov N.V., Bogomolov N.I., Ermakov V.S., Namokonov E.V.
Vol 17, No 1 (2010) Closed Intramedullar Osteosynthesis in Surgical Treatment of Children with Diaphyseal Femur Fractures Abstract
Rozinov V.M., Yandiev S.I., Burkin I.A.
Vol 10, No 4 (2003) Coagulation Hemostasis in Surgical Treatment of Scoliosis Abstract
Vetrile S.T., Zakharin' R.G., Bernakevich' A.I., Vasil'ev S.A., Kuleshov A.A., Vetrile S.T., Zakharin R.G., Bernakevich A.I., Vasil'ev S.A., Kuleshov A.A.
Vol 27, No 1 (2020) Combination of different thoracoplasty methods for recurrent pectus excavatum correction. Case report Abstract PDF
Kolesov S.V., Khaspekov D.V., Snetkov A.A., Sar A.S., Kolesov G.S.
Vol 18, No 2 (2011) Combined Application of Platelet-Rich Plasma and Biocomposite Material Collapan in Complex Treatment of Patients with Non-United Fractures and Pseudarthrosis of Extremity Long Bones Abstract
Kesyan G.A., Berchenko G.N., Urazgil'deev R.Z., Mikelaishvili D.S., Shulashov B.N., Kesyan G.A., Berchenko G.N., Urazgil'deev R.Z., Mikelaishvili D.S., Shulashоv B.N.
Vol 17, No 3 (2010) Commemorating the 110th Anniversary of Fyodor R. Bogdanov Abstract
Knopov M.S., Taranukha V.K., Knopov M.S., Taranukha V.K.
Vol 24, No 4 (2017) Comparative analysis of changes in the desmal and chondral structures of spinal motion segment at various methods for posterior spine fixation in experiment Abstract
Krivoshein A.E., Konev V.P., Kolesov S.V., Byval’tsev V.A., Kaz’min A.I.
Vol 21, No 3 (2014) Comparative Analysis of Short and Mid-Term Results of Primary Total Hip Replacement by Serial Cemented and Uncemented Fixation Implants Abstract
Prokhorenko V.M., Slobodskoy A.B., Mamedov A.A., Dunaev A.G., Voronin I.V., Badak I.S., Lezhnev A.G.
Vol 11, No 1 (2004) Comparative Analysis of Surgical Treatment of Peri- and Inraarticular Fractures and Fracture-Dislocations of Mortise Joint Abstract
Kallaev I.O., Lyzhina E.L., Kallaev T.N., Kallaev N.O., Lyzhina E.L., Kallaev T.N.
Vol 19, No 1 (2012) Comparative Analysms of Posterior Interbody Fusion and Transforaminal Interbody Fusion in Combination with Transpedicular Fixation Abstract
Krut'ko A.V., Krutko A.V.
Vol 19, No 1 (2012) Comparative Assessment of Endothelium-Associated Correction of Experimental Osteoporosis with Resveratrol and Etoksidol Abstract
Faytel'son A.V., Dubrovin G.M., Gudyrev O.S., Pokrovskiy M.V., Ivanov A.V., Radzhkumar D.S., Faitel'son A.V., Dubrovin G.M., Gudyrin O.S., Pokrovskiy M.V., Ivanov A.V., Radjkumar D.S.
Vol 24, No 4 (2017) Comparative characteristics of osseointegration processes of the calcium phosphate coating implants and implants with germanium enriched calcium phosphate coatings Abstract
Zelichenko E.A., Guzeev V.V., Koval’skaya Y.B., Gurova O.A., Guzeeva T.I.
Vol 20, No 2 (2013) Comparative Clinical and Economical Analysis of Drugs for Primary Prevention of Thrombotic Complications after Orthopaedic Operations Abstract
Kulinchik T.V., Rebrova O.Y., Margieva A.V., Avksent’eva M.V.
Vol 18, No 4 (2011) Comparative Evaluation of Low-Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid and Autologous Conditioned Serum in Coxarthrosis Abstract
Noskov S.M., Shirokova L.Y., Bakhtiarova T.I., Shirokova K.Y., Parulya O.M., Noskov S.M., Shirokova L.Y., Bakhtiarova T.I., Shirokova K.Y., Parulya O.M.
Vol 22, No 2 (2015) Comparative Evaluation of the Results of Surgical and Conservative Treatment of Planovalgus Foot Deformity in Children Abstract
Kozhevnikov O.V., Kosov I.S., Ivanov A.V., Gribova I.V., Bolotov A.V.
Vol 20, No 4 (2013) Comparative Evaluation of Various Techniques of Arthroscopic Tenodesis for Tendon of Long Head of Biceps (multicenter study) Abstract
Dubrov V.E., Zaitsev R.V., Dokolin S.Y., Rakhmankulov E.R., Fomenko S.M., Radimov K.F.
Vol 23, No 1 (2016) Comparative Experimental Study of Custom Made Plate for Anterior Stabilization and Dorsal Fixation Systems at C1-C2 Vertebrae Level Abstract
Kuleshov A.A., Shkarubo A.N., Gavryushenko N.S., Gromov I.S., Vetrile M.S., Fomin L.V., Marshakov V.V.
Vol 19, No 3 (2012) Comparative Experimental Study of Hook and Pedicle Fixation Systems Used at Surgical Treatment of Spine Deformities Abstract
Kuleshov A.A., Lisyansky I.N., Vetrile M.S., Gavryushenko N.S., Fomin L.V.
Vol 20, No 2 (2013) Comparative Study of Certain Serum Markers in Experimental Osteosynthesis Using Implants with Titanium Nitride and Hafnium Coating Abstract
Akhtyamov I.F., Shakirova F.V., Gatina E.B., Zubairova L.D., Aliev E.I.
Vol 23, No 1 (2016) Comparative Study of the Adhesive Component of Friction in Hip Endoprostheses Abstract
Minasov B.S., Yakupov R.R., Shuster L.S., Chertovskikh S.V., Emaev I.I., Filimonov G.N., Korshunov A.A., Khairov T.E.
Vol 26, No 4 (2019) compare of outcomes of minimally invasive and open surgical techniques in patients with symptomatic lumbar spine stenosis on the background of scoliotic deformity Abstract
Mlyavykh S.G., Bokov A.E., Aleynik A.Y., Yashin K.S.
Vol 18, No 4 (2011) Comparison of Curative Effect of Cryosupernatant and Fresh Frozen Plasma at Complex Treatment of Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation Syndrome in Patients with Severe Concomitant Injury Abstract
Tseymakh E.A., Men'shikov A.A., Bondarenko A.V., Kuznetsov S.Y., Gontarev I.N., Komleva I.B., Smirnova O.I., Tseimakh E.A., Men'shikov A.A., Bondarenko A.V., Kuznetsov S.Y., Gontarev I.N., Komleva I.B., Smirnova O.I.
Vol 22, No 1 (2015) Comparison of Fibroarchitectonics and Strength Properties Preservation Criteria of Lyophilized Allografts with Different Type of Fibrous Framework Abstract
Shangina O.R., Khasanov R.A., Bulgakova L.A., Musina L.A.
Panteleev A.A., Gorbatyuk D.S., Sazhnev M.L., Kaz’min A.I., Pereverzev V.S., Kolesov S.V.
Vol 11, No 4 (2004) Complex Conservative Treatment of Patients with Osteoarthrosis of Low Extremity Large Joints Abstract
Korableva N.N., Dlinnykh N.I., Enikeev M.G., Shestikov D.Y., Pirozhenko S.V., Krasnogorskiy A.V., Khutyz T.K., Korableva N.N., Dlinnykh N.I., Enikeev M.G., Shestakov D.Y., Pirozhenko S.V., Krasnogorskiy A.V., Khutyz Т.К.
Vol 23, No 1 (2016) Complex Diagnosis in Surgical Treatment of Peripheral Nerves Injuries of the Extremities Abstract
Ninel’ V.G., Aitemirov S.M., Korshunova G.A., Norkin I.A.
Vol 19, No 2 (2012) Complex Diagnosis of Myofascial Lumbosacral Pain Syndrome in Athletes and Ballet Dancers Abstract
Mironov S.P., Burmakova G.M., Krupatkin A.I., Mikhailova S.A., Pokin'-Chereda G.D.
Vol 19, No 1 (2012) Complex Functional Evaluation of Long-Term Results of Femoral Neck and Head Revascularization in Degenerative Dystrophic Hip Joint Diseases Abstract
Nazarov E.A., Papkov V.G., Seleznev A.V., Musaeva R.F., Nazarov E.A., Popkov V.G., Seleznyov A.V., Musaeva R.F.
Vol 17, No 3 (2010) Complex Treatment of Patients with Osteoporosis Complicated by Vertebral Bodies Fractures Abstract
Astapenkov D.S., Astapenkov D.S.
Vol 21, No 1 (2014) Complicated Cases of Knee Arthroplasty Abstract
Zagorodniy N.V., Kagramanov S.V., Kudinov O.A., Nikolaev I.A., Chragyan G.A., Ivanov A.V., Kilasoniya I.D.
Vol 18, No 3 (2011) Complications after Elastic Stable Intramedullar Osteosynthesis of Femur Diaphysis Fractures in Children Abstract
Yandiev S.I., Yandiev S.I.
Vol 18, No 3 (2011) Complications in Hip Arthroplasty Abstract
Slobodskoy A.B., Osintsev E.Y., Lezhnev A.G., Slobodskoi A.B., Osintsev E.Y., Lezhnev A.G.
Vol 10, No 4 (2003) Conception of Artificial Movement Correction Use in Orthopaedics, Traumatology and Prosthetics Abstract
Vitenzon A.S., Petrushanskaya K.A., Vitenzon A.S., Petrushanskaya K.A.
Vol 10, No 2 (2003) Conceptual Model of Spine Osteochondropathy Pathogenesis Abstract
Korzh N.A., Prodan A.M., Kolesnichenko V.A., Korzh N.A., Prodan A.I., Kolesnichenko V.A.
Vol 11, No 1 (2004) Condition of Vertebral Arteries in Experimental Modelling of Low Cervical Vertebrae Dislocation Abstract
Vetrile S.T., Yundin S.V., Krupatkin A.I., Kolesov S.V., Ogarev E.V., Vetrile S.T., Yundin S.V., Krupatkin A.I., Kolesou S.V., Ogarev E.V.
Vol 11, No 4 (2004) Conference of pediatric trauma and orthopedic surgeons of Russia "Торісаі Problems of Locomotor System Injuries and Pathology Diagnosis and Treatment in Children" Abstract
- -.
Vol 21, No 3 (2014) Congenital Abnormalities (developmental defects) and Musculoskeletal System Deformities in Children Abstract
Baindurashvili A.G., Solov’yova K.S., Zaletina A.V., Lapkin Y.A.
Vol 12, No 1 (2005) Congenital Flat-Valgus Foot with Vertical Position of Talus in Children and Its Correction Abstract
Kuznechikhin E.P., Trubin I.V., Kuzin A.S., Kozlov A.S., Makhrov L.A., Moiseev S.N.
Vol 21, No 2 (2014) Congenital Hip Deformity Morbidity in Children of Russia Based on Official Statistic Data 2011-2013 Abstract
Es’kin N.A., Andreeva T.M.
Vol 27, No 2 (2020) Conservative correction of the transverse arch of the foot in patients with flat foot Abstract
Bardyugov P.S., Parshikov M.V.
Vol 10, No 4 (2003) Conservative Treatment of Children with Congenital Hip Dislocation Abstract
Vinokurov V.A., Norkin I.A., Persova E.A., Bakhteeva N.K., Bakhteeva N.K., Vinokurov V.A., Norkin L., Persova E.A.
Vol 25, No 1 (2018) Contribution of Guillaume Dupuytren (1777-1835) to Clinical Surgery and Traumatology (in commemoration of the 240th anniversary of the birth) Abstract
Morgoshiia T.S.
Vol 25, No 3-4 (2018) Contribution of Professor G.I. Turner to domestic traumatology and orthopaedics (to the 160th anniversary of birth) Abstract
Morgoshiia T.S.
Vol 20, No 1 (2013) Correction of Spine Pathology in Patients with Meningocele Abstract
Kolesov S.V., Baklanov A.N., Shavyrin I.A.
Vol 12, No 1 (2005) Correlation between Clinical Radiologic Manifes­tation and Changes of Femoral Neck Bone Mass and Stabilometric Data in Coxarthrosis Abstract
Kotel'nikov G.P., Korolyuk L.P., Shekhtman A.G., Mostovoy L.Y.
Vol 27, No 1 (2020) Current view on vertebral hemangioma Abstract PDF
Grushina T.I., Titov A.A.
Vol 12, No 1 (2005) "Damage control" — Modern Conception of Treatment of Patients with Critical Multiple Injury Abstract
Sokolov V.A.
Vol 26, No 3 (2019) De Quervain’s disease (etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment). Part I Abstract
Novikov A.V., Shchedrina M.A., Petrov S.V.
Vol 26, No 4 (2019) De Quervain’s disease (etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment). Part II Abstract
Novikov A.V., Shchedrina M.A., Petrov S.V.
Morgoshiya T.S., Syroezhin N.A.
Vol 18, No 3 (2011) Deforming Arthrosis of First Metetarsophalangeal Joint (etiology, pathogenesis, peculiarities of surgical treatment) Abstract
Mazalov A.V., Zagorodniy N.V., Protsko V.G., Sultanov E.M., Khamokov Z.K., Mazalov A.V., Zagorodniy N.V., Protsenko V.G., Sultanov E.M., Khamokov Z.K.
Vol 25, No 1 (2018) Dependence of the outcomes of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction on the tunnel positioning Abstract
Bantser S.A., Tikhilov R.M., Trachuk A.P., Bogopol’skiy O.E., Rybin A.V., Shulepov D.A., Salikhov M.R.
Vol 11, No 2 (2004) Destruction of Implants after Extraosseous Osteosynthesis of Long Bones Fractures Abstract
Bondarenko A.V., Peleganchuk V.A., Pacnonova E.A., Pechenin S.A., Bondarenko A.V., Peleganchuk V.A., Raspopova E.A., Pechenin S.A.
Vol 17, No 4 (2010) Determination of Indications to Surgical Treatment and Choice of Surgical Approaches in Complicated Complex Acetabular Fractures Abstract
Beletskiy A.V., Voronovich A.I., Murzich A.E., Beletskiy A.V., Voronovich A.I., Murzich A.E.
Vol 11, No 4 (2004) Development and Perfection of Pediatric Traumatologic and Orthopaedic Service in Russia Abstract
Malakhov O.A., Pozdnikin Y.I., Solov'eva K., Malakhov O.A., Pozdnikin Y.I., Solov'eva K.S.
Vol 18, No 1 (2011) Development of Hip Joint in Early Aged Children after Open Hip Reduction Abstract
Pozdnikin I.Y., Pozdnikin I.Y.
Vol 24, No 2 (2017) D.I. Cherkes-Zade Abstract
- -.
Vol 18, No 2 (2011) Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment of Benign Pelvic Tumors and Tumor-Like Diseases in Children Abstract
Snetkov A.I., Frantov A.R., Morozov A.K., Berchenko G.N., Batrakov S.Y., Anisimov M.V., Snetkov A.I., Frantov A.R., Morozov A.K., Berchenko G.N., Batrakov S.Y., Anisimov M.V.
Vol 10, No 3 (2003) Diagnosis and Treatment of Marginal Acetabular Fractures Abstract
Ezhov Y.I., Smirnov A.A., Labazin A.L., Ezhov Y.L., Smirnov A.A., Labazin A.L.
Vol 17, No 2 (2010) Diagnosis of Arthrosis by Morphologic Picture of Sy-novial Fluid Abstract
Shatokhina S.N., Zar V.V., Voloshin V.P., Shabalin V.N.
Vol 17, No 3 (2010) Diagnosis of Mobility Disorders in Fingers Joints of Hand Abstract
Tsarev V.N., Zubikov V.S., Voloshin V.P., Dorozhko I.G., Martynenko D.V., Tsaryov V.N., Zubikov V.S., Voloshin V.P., Dorozhko I.G., Martynenko D.V.
Vol 20, No 4 (2013) Diagnostic Potentialities of Multispiral Computed Tomography for Hip Joint Evaluation in Children and Adolescents Abstract
Ogaryov E.V., Morozov A.K.
Vol 17, No 4 (2010) Diagnostic Value of Contrast Radiologic Examination for Rational Planning of Surgical Treatment of High Congenital Hip Dislocation in Children Abstract
Kozhevnikov O.V., Morozov A.K., Kralina S.E., Ogarev E.V., Negmatov Z.M., Kozhevnikov O.V., Morozov A.K., Kralina S.E., Ogaryov E.V., Negmatov Z.M.
Mironov S.P., Burmakova G.M., Saltykova V.G., Es'kin N.A.
Vol 22, No 4 (2015) Different Variants of Osteoblastoma Course in Children (Clinical, Roentgenologic, Morphologic Comparison) Abstract
Snetkov A.I., Morozov A.K., Berchenko G.N., Batrakov S.Y., Kravets I.M., Frantov A.R.
Vol 23, No 1 (2016) Differential Diagnosis of Large Joints Chronical Synovitis Abstract
Zar V.V., Shatokhina S.N.
Vol 21, No 3 (2014) Direct Causes of Death in Road Traffic Accident Victims and Evaluation of the Efficacy of Three-Level Trauma Centers Activity in Chelyabinsk Region Abstract
Moskvichyova M.G., Shishkin E.V.
Vol 23, No 3 (2016) Dislocations of the Femoral Component of Hip Implant: Determination of Spatial Relative Position of Components Abstract
Pavlov V.V., Prokhorenko V.M.
Vol 27, No 4 (2020) Distal interosseous membrane of the forearm: anatomy, biomechanics, diagnostics Abstract
Golubev I.O., Matveeva N.Y., Maksarov M.L.
Vol 21, No 4 (2014) Disturbance of Extensor Mechanism after Primary and Revision Knee Arthroplasty Abstract
Kavalerskiy G.M., Murylyov V.Y., Kholodaev M.Y., Rukin Y.A., Elizarov P.M., Rubin G.G.
Vol 19, No 1 (2012) Disturbances of Microcirculation and Antioxidant Potential as a Consequence of Ferrum Exchange in Traumatic Disease Abstract
Ivanov A.V., Orlov Y.P., Lukach V.N., Pritykina T.V., Ivanova A.M., Ivanov A.V., Orlov Y.P., Lukach V.N., Protykina T.V., Ivanova A.M.
Vol 24, No 1 (2017) Draft Recommendations. Pharmacotherapy for the Prevention of Repeated Fractures in Patients with Osteoporosis after Surgical Treatment of Pathologic Proximal Femur Fracture Abstract
Mironov S.P., Rodionova S.S., Torgashin A.N.
Vol 11, No 1 (2004) Dupuytren's Contracture - Problems and Decisions Abstract
Sivakon' S.V., Sivakon' S.V.
Vol 26, No 2 (2019) Dynamic fixation of the lumbar spine dynamic fixation of the lumbar spine Abstract
Byvaltsev V.A., Kalinin A.A., Pestryakov Y.Y., Aliev M.A.
Vol 27, No 4 (2020) Dynamics of bone tissue metabolism in the complex treatment of chronic posttraumatic osteomyelitis of long bones Abstract
Tsiskarashvili A.V., Rodionova S.S., Mironov S.P., Gorbatyuk D.S., Taraskin A.Y.
Vol 24, No 4 (2017) Dynamics of the formation of protection for circulatory bed in bone regenerate Abstract
Shchyurov V.A., Boichuk S.P., Tarchokov V.T., Mel’nikova L.V.
Vol 16, No 3 (2009) Dynamics of Traffic Injuries in Russian Federation Abstract
Leonov S.A., Ogryzko E.V., Andreeva T.M., Leonov S.A., Ogryzko E.V., Andreeva T.M.
Vol 26, No 3 (2019) Dynamics of traumatism in adult population of the Russian Federation Abstract
Mironov S.P., Es’kin N.A., Andreeva T.M., Ogryzko E.V., Shelepova E.A.
Vol 11, No 3 (2004) Dys-plastic Deformities of Intervertebral Joints in Mechanogenesis of Lumbar Intervertebral Disk Ex­trusion Abstract
Prodan A.I., Radchenko V.A., Kolesnochenko V.A.
Vol 18, No 1 (2011) E.A. Nazarov Abstract
- -.
Vol 27, No 4 (2020) Early and medium-term results of total joint arthroplasty of first carpo-metacarpal joint Abstract
Simonova E.N., Aleksandrov T.I., Prokhorenko V.M.
Vol 22, No 2 (2015) Early and Mid-Term Results of Primary Hip Arthroplasty Using Il’za Endoprosthesis Abstract
Mironov S.P., Balberkin A.V., Zagorodniy N.V., Karpov V.N., Kolondaev A.F., Shavyrin D.A., Snetkov D.A.
Vol 27, No 2 (2020) Early complications of reverse total shoulder arthroplasty Abstract
Lychagin A.V., Kesian G.A., Kalinskу E.B., Sukharev N.A.
Vol 23, No 3 (2016) Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Patients with Mucopolysaccharidosis IV and VI Abstract
Mikhailova L.K., Sokolova T.V., Polyakova O.A.
Vol 25, No 3-4 (2018) Early functional results of total knee arthroplasty in patients with alimentary obesity Abstract
Helo M.D., Akhtiamov I.F., Said F.M., Gilmutdinov I.S., Yousef A.I., Abdullah A.M., Kuznetsova R.G.
Vol 22, No 2 (2015) Early Outcomes of Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty for Tumors of the Humerus Abstract
Karpenko V.Y., Derzhavin V.A., Bukharov A.V., Danilova T.V., Andreev M.S.
Vol 22, No 4 (2015) Early Results of Clinical Use of Artromedullary Shunting in Degenerative Dystrophic Knee Joint Diseases Abstract
Tatarenkov V.I., Maksimov S.M., Bulgakov V.G., Gavryushenko N.S., Martynov D.V., Nechiporuk A.P., Shal’nev A.N.
Vol 24, No 2 (2017) Early Results of the Study of Reparative Peculiarities of Various Osteoplastic Materials in Experimental Bone Defects Abstract
Egiazaryan K.A., Lazishvili G.D., Akmataliev K.I., Ettinger A.P., Rat’ev A.P., Volkov A.V., Korobushkin G.V., Polivoda M.D.
Vol 24, No 4 (2017) Early treatment result in a patient with periprosthetic hip infection Abstract
Shubnyakov I.I., Bozhkova S.A., Artyukh V.A., Liventsov V.N., Kochish A.A., Afanas’ev A.V.
Vol 21, No 1 (2014) Effect of Autologous Plasma, Ascorbic Acid and Glucose Local Infusions on Pelvic Fracture Healing in Experiment Abstract
Silant’eva T.A., Krasnov V.V.
Vol 23, No 3 (2016) Effect of Baby Walkers on the Development of Locomotor Skills in Infants Abstract
Sharov A.N., Krivova A.V.
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