Pneumonia in wounded
Ovchinnikov Y.V., Kharitonov M.A., Sadykov R.R., Shelukhin V.A., Gaiduk S.V., Bogomolov A.B., Ivanov V.V., Dobrovolskaya L.M.
To the history of treatment of lightly wounded persons during the war time
Belevitin A.B., Shelepov A.M., Leonik S.I.
Wounded movement during peace enforcement operation in Georgia (August 2008)
Kotenko P.K., Pak R.V., Golovinova V.Y.
Medical support of military operations during the Civil War in Russia (on the example of the Northern Front)
Troshina T.I.
Multifunctional robotic medical system for the evacuation of the wounded, sick and injured: the rationale and development prospects
Yudin A.B., Prigorelov O.G., Sokhranov M.V., Lopota A.V., Yakovets D.A., Kozhevnikova A.V.
Medical support of the foreign armies during the First World War 1914-1918 (To the 100th anniversary of the end of war)
Budko A.A., Brinyuk N.Y.
Diagnostics and treatment of hyperventilation syndrome in wounded with a traumatic illness
Bulavin V.V., Zhdanko I.M., Kal’manov A.S., Yaroshenko V.P., Vorona A.A., Remizov Y.I., Ratushnaya E.N.
The Military hospital in Saratov celebrates the 40th anniversary
Kalmykov A.A., Arsentev O.V., Sabaeva M.N.
Experience in development of deployment tools of medical evacuation stages
Kornyushko I.G., Yakovlev S.V., Medvedev V.R., Sidorov V.A.
About perfection of the complex system of the treatment of the wounded with the gunshot fractures of the limb’s long bones
Perekhodov S.N., Brizhan L.K., Davydov D.V., Marchenko M.G.
Military doctors and Community of St. Eugene
Poddubny M.V.
Perspective technologies of surgical care to the wounded
Samokhvalov I.M., Badalov V.I., Reva V.A., Golovko K.P., Petrov A.N., Kaznacheyev M.V., Rozov A.I.
Russian physicians during first months of the great war. (To 100 anniversary of the beginning of the First World War)
Gribovskaya G.A.
1st Naval Hospital during the Great Patriotic War
Chernikov O.G., Chernyi V.S., Mishin Y.A., Soshkin P.A.
Medical-martial mobile complex «Klever» to provide medical care to the wounded and injured trauma profile
Brizhan L.K., Khominets V.V., Samokhvalov I.M., Davydov D.V., Kerimov A.A., Arbuzov Y.V., Chirva Y.V.
Formation of the military hospital system in Russia in the first third of the XIX century
Kulnev S.V., Kryuchkov O.A.
Tactical medicine - a new concept for the «new type» wars
Krainyukov P.E., Samokhvalov I.M., Reva V.A.
The Battle of Stalingrad: the organization of medical support for the fronts in the defensive period
Kulnev S.V., Shelepov A.M., Leonik S.I.
Participation of the Moscow Sisters of Mercy of the Russian-Japanese War of 1904-1905
Zorin K.V.
The 90th anniversary of Novocherkassk military hospital
Benya F.M., Matsko B.G.
Theme of military medicine in publications of Community of St. Eugene (130 years of the founding)
Poddubny M.V.
Synergetic basis of the system of specialized medical care, specialized treatment and medical rehabilitation of minimally injured and minimally ill
Savchenko I.F., Kharisov A.M., Yakovlev S.V.
Medical rehabilitation of wounded with amputation defects of lower limbs
Yudin V.E., Popravka S.N., Yaroshenko V.P., Bolotov D.D.
The experience in orginizing medical supply of the Belorussian operation 1944 «Bagration»
Shelepov A.M., Leonik S.I., Ponomarenko V.N.
Deployment and organization of off-design airfield evacuation care center
Kalmykov A.A., Rychkov V.V., Stepanov A.V.
Current state and improvement of traumatologic and orthopedic aid to the wounded with limb trauma
Shapovalov V.M., Khominets V.V., Brizhan L.K., Davydov D.V., Chirva Y.V., Shchukin A.V., Fedotov A.O.
The problem of eliminating open and intense pneumothorax at the advanced stages of medical evacuation and ways to solve it
Samokhvalov I.M., Golovko K.P., Chuprina A.P., Suprun T.Y., Zhirnova N.A., Denisov A.V., Komyagin S.E., Demchenko K.N., Vertii A.B.
Scientific, pedagogical, and surgical work of Professor V.F.Voyno-Yasenetsky during the Great Patriotic War
Kosachev I.D., Gladkikh P.F., Yakovlev A.E.
Problem of resource supply of medical aid to wounded and damaged persons of neurosurgical profile
Gaydar B.V., Parfyonov V.E., Svistov D.V., Dikarev Y.V., Tegza V.Y., Zemlyannikov D.A.
From the memories about father - colonel of medical service A.E.Ender
Lukina I.A.
S.S.Yudin during the First World War
Kalikinskaya E.I.
Military hospital in Komsomolsk-on-Amur celebrates 80 th anniversary
Nagut N.N., Zakharchuk L.F.
The historical experience of medical service in cooperation with state healthcare facilities during the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945
Budko A.A., Gribovskaya G.A., Zhuravlev D.A.
Hospital stories on charity postcards of the Skobelev Committee (1914-1917)
Poddubny M.V.
Interdepartmental All-Army Scientific and Practical Conference «Actual issues of first aid for the wounded on the battlefield in modern conditions»
Kalachev O.V., Polovinka V.S., Bulatov M.R., Tolstosheev V.N., Makiev R.G., Afonkin S.V., Mustaev O.Z., Katulin A.N., Smirnov D.Y.
Comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of compression bandages, time sheets and promising dressings
Boyarintsev V.V., Golovko K.P., Nosov A.M., Trofimenko A.V., Kudarov M.A., Fil’kov G.I., Samokhvalov I.M., Kharin V.A.
Providing medical care in hospitals of Leningrad during the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940
Budko A.A., Zhuravlyov D.A.
Post-traumatic stress disorder by wounded persons with traumatic disease
Kuvshinov K.E., Rabotkin O.S., Amirov A.M.
Ryazan hospital - 80 years
Klimov A.S., Gromov M.F.
Organization of clinical care of North Fleet hospitals in XVIII century
Kostyuk A.V.
Academy of Medical Sciences during the Great Patriotic War and first years after war
Knopov M.S., Taranukha V.K.
Fied surgeons - country plenipotentiary representatives
Samokhvalov I.M., Tynyankin N.A.
Activity of the all-union committee for assistance in servicing sick and wounded fighters and commanders of the Red Army in 1941-1945
Goncharova S.G.
The use of bioacoustic psychocorrection in the comprehensive rehabilitation of military personnel with various mental disorders who were injured in counter - terrorism operations
Bulavin V.V., Filatov V.N., Kal’manov A.S., Yaroshenko V.P., Vorona A.A., Zueva L.V., Remizov Y.I., Amirov A.M.
The provision of qualified and specialized surgical care to soldiers with limb injuries during a counter-terrorist operation
Nikitin V.F., Bulavin V.V., Vorona A.A., Remizov Y.I., Olenev N.I.
War and Medicine
Chizh I.M.
Improvement of medical service administration for wounded in road accidents in Moscow
Fedotov S.A.
Lieutenant-general V.O.Kappel: last campaign
Brinyuk N.Y.
Clinical military hospital in 1892
Poddubny M.V.
Phaleristics of Sisters of Charity
Tsymbal A.N.
Medical science during the Great Patriotic War.
Knopov M.S., Taranukha V.K.
Issues on organisation of surgical care delivery to severely injured under condition of modern hybrid war
Samokhvalov I.M., Goncharov A.V., Golovko K.P., Gavrilin S.V., Severin V.V., Suprun T.Y., Loshenko Y.A.
First experience of an aviation evacuation of wounded and ill during wars of the beginning of XX century (1900-1930)
Sokolov V.A., Chmyrev I.V., Varfolomeev I.V.
Foreign experience in the use of aviation for the evacuation of the wounded and sick in the period 1920-1930s
Sokolov V.A., Varfolomeev I.V., Butrin Y.L., Tsvetkov D.S.
The Orenburg military hospital celebrates the 275th anniversary
Kalmykov A.A., Rychkov V.V., Trunov Y.N., Stepanov A.V.
Activity of the Far East commonstate organization during the Russian-Japanese War 1904-1905
Goncharova S.G.
Organizational and methodological approaches to the medical rehabilitation of the wounded from the consequences of combat trauma in the upper limb rehabilitation center
Belyakin S.A., Burlak A.M.
Improvement of the specialized traumatologic care for wounded and injured with fractures of long bones of extremities
Shelepov A.M., Shapovalov V.M., Savchenko I.F., Khominets V.V., Ostapchenko A.A.
Problems of organization of surgical care to the wounded in a modern armed conflict: surgical care to the walking wounded in armed conflicts (Report 2)
Samokhvalov I.M., Kotenko P.K., Severin V.V.
Organization of anesthesia management and advanced life support at military medical evacuation levels
Shchegolev A.V., Petrakov V.A., Savchenko I.F.
The Battle of Stalingrad in the memoirs of the military physician.
Zhukov A.E.
From the history of the buildings of the Mandryka Central Military Clinical Hospital
Krainyukov P.E., Abashin V.G., Simonenko V.B.
The structure and nature of modern combat surgical trauma
Denisov A.V., Badalov V.I., Krainyukov P.E., Goncharov A.V., Markevich V.Y., Golovko K.P., Anisin A.V., Suprun T.Y.
Reconstructive treatment of trophic insufficiency in wounded with the traumatic disease
Bulavin V.V., Yaroshenko V.P., Vorona A.A., Nikitin V.F., Remizov Y.I., Sorokin A.A.
The World Conference «Endovascular Solutions for Surgical Bleeding and Trauma» in Saint-Petersburg
Samokhvalov I.M., Reva V.A., Petrov A.N., Pochtarnik A.A.
Faith to the traditions (military hospital of Smolensk - 205 years)
Burkhovetsky A.L., Dautov R.I., Alekseev V.V., Molokoedov N.V.
Delivery of surgical services for wounded in modern armed conflicts: surgical services at the different stages of medical evauaton (Report 1)
Samokhvalov I.M.
To the 175th anniversary of Irkutsk military hospital
Shevchenko N.V., Blyaunshtein B.M., Konovalov P.P.
Development of combat medical robots in the US Armed Forces
Golota A.S., Ivchenko E.V., Krassii A.B., Kuvakin V.I., Soldatov E.A.
Medical and technical means for united circle of evacuation measures in military-medical organisations of the Ministry of Defence.
Fisun A.Y., Kalachev O.V., Shchegolev A.V., Vertii B.D.
Evacuation vehicles for the wounded and sick in wars of the XIX century
Sokolov V.A., Varfolomeev I.V.
Inairdrome evacuation receiver and it’s role in the system treatment-evacuation measures
Belevitin A.B., Shelepov A.M., Slobodyanik V.A.
Military field surgery in 2031
Samokhvalov I.M., Kryukov E.V., Markevich V.Y., Badalov V.I., Goncharov A.V.
From the history of the branch Nо. 1 of the Medical and Rehabilitation Clinical Center of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
Turlai M.V., Khmil A.Y.
Syzran Military Hospital
Domogarova S.V.
Military medicine and medicine of accidents
Chizh I.M.
Development of the rehabilitation system for wounded during the late hospital stage
Belyakin S.A., Yudin V.E., Shchegolkov A.M., Budko A.A., Yaroshenko V.P., Shkarupa O.F.
New methods of treatment applied in the hospital of Sochi during the Great Patriotic War
Artyukhov S.A.
Branch N 2 of the Vishnevskiy Central Military Clinical Hospital N 3 celebrates the 25 th anniversary
Yudin V.E., Budko A.A., Ovechkin I.G., Yaroshenko V.P.
Military history of evacuation hospital № 3457 and the head of this hospital - Porfirii Ivanovich Zabolotnyi
Poddubnyi M.V.
Barotherapy in the military medicine
Kuleshov V.I., Myasnikov A.A., Chernov V.I., Shitov A.Y., Andrusenko A.N., Zverev D.P.
Phalloendoprosthesis replacement in complex remedial treatment of wounded and ill persons with erectile disfunctions
Myagkov Y.A., Ivanov V.N., Apletaev V.V., Ablizina L.M.
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