A model for determining the operating costs of machine-tractor units for sowing, taking into account the duration of work and the size of the area
Starcev A.V., Alushkin T.E., Romanov S.V., Storozhev I.I.
The role of tractors' power characteristics in the formation of their types
Nadykto V.T.
Agricultural machine-building industry: urgent tasks
Lipkovich E.I.
Material and power costs of machine-tractor unit operation as the complex criterion of its quality estimation
Roslavtsev A.V., Sapozhnikov I.I.
Analysis of operational factors determining the efficiency of fuel economy of machine and tractor unit
Kotsar Y.A., Pluzhnikov S.V., Mavzovin V.S., Kharitonov A.Y., Kadukhin A.I.
Improvement of sowing device of precision seed drill
Nesmiyan A.Y., Khizhnyak V.I., Avramenko F.V., Dolzhikov V.V.
Theoretical justification for the use of elastic-dumping drives of tractor's driving wheels during the braking
Polivayev O.I., Pilyayev S.N., Kutkov A.Y.
Formation the driving force of wheeled and caterpillar machine-tractor units
Makhmutov M.M., Khismatullina Y.R.
A unit for the surface application of mineral fertilizers on the slopes
Sedashkin A.N., Sedashkina Y.A., Daskin I.N.
Forest fire extinguishing unit with end mill: optimization of parameters and operational regimes
Karnaukhov A.I., Orlovskyi S.N.
Unmanned mobile power unit for agricultural purposes
Godzhaev Z.A., Grishin A.P., Grishin A.A., Grishin V.A.
Tractor unit acceleration and gear shift with sub-engagement of frictional clutches
Gorodetskiy K.I., Alendeyev Y.M., Timofiyevskiy A.A.
Analysis of experimental researches of the tractor equipped with an elastic-damping mechanism in the transmission when moving in the composition of the transport tractor unit
Senkevich S.E., Kryukovskaya N.S.
Mechanization of harvesting of mixed sowing of cereal crops
Aldoshin N.V., Zolotov A.A., Tsygutkin A.S., Malla B.
Soil cultivation work spent by unit
Blednykh V.V., Svechnikov P.G.
Agricultural engineering products quality certification maintenance based on the tractive and transport vehicles movement theory
Roslavtsev A.V., Sapozhnikov I.I.
Creating a domestic caterpillar tractor for modern agricultural production
Sharipov V.M., Izmaylov A.Y., Dorokhov A.S., Fedotkin R.S., Kryuchkov V.A., Esenovskiy-Lashkov M.Y., Ovchinnikov E.V.
Computer model of particle motion in the chopping unit
Belov M.I., Gubernskiy A.Y., Pronin V.Y.
Mathematical model of machine-and-tractor unit
Zhutov A.G., Avramov V.I., Karsakov A.A.
Technology of solid mineral fertilizers application by means of STA-5TM transport-technological unit as part of specialized Ural-432065 vehicle chassis
Shkel' A.S., Kozlovskaya M.A., Dzotsenidze T.D.
Optimal performance of soil cultivating units
Blednykh V.V., Svechnikov P.G.
Determination of the specific soil resistance using deep subsurface tillage in conditions of Northern Kazakhstan
Kuvayev A.N.
Analysis and statement of problem of cylinder oil supply in four-stroke piston engine
Putintsev S.V.
Kinematics of movement of forward mounting in horizontal plane and its features
Ploschadnov A.N., Yakovlev P.Y., Zeygerman A.S., Kursov I.V., Marshalov E.S.
The power unit of universal tractors of traction class 1,4 with an integrated starter generator
Bekeev A.K., Aliev A.Y., Aliev S.A.
Optimal operation modes of a soil-cultivating and sowing unit
Akhmadov B.R., Khodzhiyev B.B.
Pneumatic separator for fodder grain
Baranov N.F., Bulatov S.Y., Sergeev A.G.
Robotics technology and agrochemical support of plant cultivation
Sychev V.G., Afanas'ev R.A., Godzhaev Z.A., Grishin A.P., Grishin A.A.
Modeling of loads in hydrostatic power drive joints
Senin P.V., Zemskov A.M., Stolyarov A.V., Ionov P.A.
Road holding ability I.P. of machine-tractor unit during plowing
Troyanovskaya I.P., Zhakov A.O.
Features of acceleration of agricultural machine-tractor unit with electric traction
Amelchenko P.A., Zhukovskiy I.N., Gurskiy N.N., Klyuchnikov A.V., Vaschula A.V.
Gear shift in the tractor gear box without break of power flow
Sharipov V.M., Gorodetskiy K.I., Dmitriyev M.I., Schetinin Y.S., Malanin I.A., Zenin A.S.
Technical characteristics and agrotechnical indices of work of tillage machines
Nesmiyan A.Y.
Influence of harvesting conditions on grain losses after separator
Kravchuk V.I., Zanko N.D., Lysak A.
Statistical characteristics of effectiveness indices of ploughing units in the conditions of North-West zone of Russian Federation
Kobko A.A.
Optimization of duration of winter wheat harvesting by means of a multifunctional unit
Maslov G.G.
Operational and technological parameters of mounted ploughs of the ПБС-family
Boykov V.M., Startsev S.V., Sayapin O.V.
A new technology of axial-piston hydraulic machines repair
Burumkulov F.K., Ionov P.A., Stolyarov A.V., Senin A.P.
Efficiency of a cogeneration plant based on a diesel engine under uneven electrical load conditions
Antipov Y.U., Val'yekho M.P., Oshchepkov P.P., Shatalov I.K., Shatalova I.I.
Stabilization of road-holding ability of controlled movement of machine-tractor unit
Fomin S.D., Pyndak V.I., Gapich D.S.
Traction indicators of class 1,4 wheel machine and tractor units with demountable hooks in conditions of arable land
Slavkin V.I., Gadzhiyev P.I., Makhmutov M.M., Makhmutov M.M.
Characteristics of external influences on the operation of machine-tractor units
Kambulov S.I., Rykov V.B., Bozhko I.V., Kolesnik V.V.
Results of testing of an additional transport unit for well-ordered stacking of pressed packages
Sokolov V.N., Kulagin D.V.
Improved device for increasing cross-country ability of wheeled tractors
Burdykin V.D.
Study of technology of liquid organic fertilizers application by a transport-technological unit for agricultural purposes
Shkel' A.S., Kozlovskaya M.A., Dzotsenidze T.D.
Comparative tests of ploughs
Boykov V.M., Startsev S.V., Nesterov Y.S.
Optimization of structure and operation modes of machine-tractor units
Kotsar Y.A., Pluzhnikov S.V., Golovaschenko G.A., Kumakov Y.A., Leonov S.V.
Determination of lateral tire drag coefficients to achieve the required performance characteristics of machine-tractor unit
Sergeev N.V., Sen'kevich S.E.
Use of simulation modeling for optimization of configuration of soil cultivating units in the process of grain farming
Oskin S.V., Tarasenko B.F., Drobot V.A.
Analysis and refinement of design parameters of the machine-tractor unit based on the tractor K-744R-05
Antipin V.P., Valyazhonkov V.D., Durmanov M.Y., Kulikov V.N., Mikhaylov A.O.
Theory of tractor operation in overload mode with enrichment of diesel air charge
Ukhanov A.P., Ukhanov D.A., Ryblov M.V.
Some statistic indices of functioning of sowing unit with elastic-damping mechanism in tractor transmission
Kravchenko V.A., Senkevich A.A., Senkevich S.E.
New means of mechanization for fruit-tree nurseries in mountain and foothill areas of the North Caucasus
Dzhibilov S.M., Gulueva L.R., Bestaev S.G., Poraeva Z.K.
Optimization of grain mass threshing regimes in stationary conditions
Polyakov G.N., Shukhanov S.N., Boloyev P.A.
Plowing unit on the basis of a small-sized tractor
Voynash S.A., Voynash A.S., Zharikova T.A.
Method of determining the rational composition of arable unit
Bojkov V.M., Starcev S.V., Pavlov A.V., Nesterov E.S., Lavrent'ev A.V.
Ways to increase the durability of ГСТ-90 volumetric fluid power drive
Burumkulov F.K., Ionov P.A., Galin D.A., Zemskov A.M.
Optimization of multilevel storage facilities of technical service enterprises for grain and forage combine harvesters
Tsariov Y.A., Ryabykh A.A.
Poddubnyy V.I., Pavlyuk A.S., Poddubnaya M.L.
Assessment of bearing and coupling passability of chemicalization vehicles on grounds of low bearing value
Pryadkin V.I.
Optimization of parameters and operation regimes of MTA (machine-and-tractor unit)
Kalachin S.V.
Comparative evaluation of energy efficiency of ploughing units on the basis of tractors with diesel and gas-turbine engines
Shkrabak V.S., Dzhabborov N.I., Shkrabak R.V., Fedkin D.S.
Results of tests of a semi-trailer horizontal spindle cotton-picking machine
Spevakov R., Ravshanov S., Nishanaliyev S.
Analysis of conceptual approaches to the solution of work-mechanization problem in farms
Voynash S.A., Voynash A.S.
The unit for making dusty lime fertilizers
Sedashkin A.N., Milyushina E.A., Kostrigin A.A., Dragunov A.V.
Vibration and noise estimation of applicability of the ЧВГ-35 vermicular graphite iron
Nikishin V.N., Svetlichny K.N.
Method of technical state forecasting for mobile equipment
Kokorev G.D., Uspensky I.A., Nikolotov I.N., Kartsev Y.A.
Effectiveness of protection of mobile power unit cab from direct solar radiation
Polivaev O.I., Zhuravets I.B., Manoylina S.Z., Teslenko I.S.
Vibration and pneumatic planting unit
Yemelyanov P.A., Aksionov A.G.
The effect of overlapping adjacent passages of the unit on the uniformity of the application of mineral fertilizers
Sedashkin A.N., Kostrigin A.A., Milyushina E.A.
Machines and technologies of entire lands levelling for paddy field
Efremov A.N., Nasonov S.Y.
Agraer-850H tractor-drawn wide-cut combined sowing unit
Saitov V.Y., Gataullin R.G.
Forecasting the optimal operating modes of machine and tractor unit
Dzhabborov N.I., Dementyev A.M.
The methodology for determining of the energy costs for the probabilistic nature of the load of a machine-tractor unit
Dzhabborov N.I., SHkrabak V.S.
Network planning of quality on the levels of research of machine-tractor units’ driving dynamics
Roslavtsev A.V., Sapozhnikov I.I.
Identification of parameters of dynamic movement model for tractor-trailer system on the turn
Gamayunov P.P., Alekseyev S.A., Lukyanov A.A., Gamayunova Y.P.
Efficiency checking of use of stiffening ribs for piston skirt of a low-sized diesel engine
Putintsev S.V., Ageev A.G.
Evaluation of the technical level of the agricultural tractor TK-3-180 when it is included in the robotic complex
Lavrov A.V., Zubina V.A., SHevcov V.G., Godzhaev T.Z., Vyaznikov M.V.
Measurement of tractive effort at the drawbar of tractor in aggregate with mounted agricultural machine
Parkhomenko S.G., Parkhomenko G.G.
Substantiation of kinematic diagram of stroke drive of agricultural bridge aggregate
Khabrat N.I., Umerov E.D.
Analysis of movement of a variable mass seeder unit in the longitudinal and vertical plane
Li V.V.
Probabilistic-statistical method for determining ergonomic tolerances of machine-tractor units with a gas-turbine engine
Shkrabak V.S., Dzhabborov N.I.
Analysis of influence of machine-tractor unit completing quality on its movement dynamics
Roslavtsev A.V., Sapozhnikov I.I.
Grain storage hoppers - reloaders
Gol'tyapin V.Y.
Influence of stochastic external loading conditions on the performance of machine and tractor unit
Eviyev V.A., Ochirov N.G., Mudzhikov B.V.
Algorithm for managing the operation modes of a machin and tractor unit
Kalachin S.V.
Development prospects of robotic technologies in plant cultivation
Godzhayev Z.A., Grishin A.P., Grishin A.A.
Design improvement of bearing unit of turbocharger of internal combustion engine
Nikishin V.N., Luscheko V.A.
Mathematical modeling of functioning of a tillage machine-tractor unit
Parhomenko S.G., Parhomenko G.G.
A method of construction of measuring and computing system for machine-tractor units testing
Inshakov A.P., Kornaukhov O.F., Filin A.F.
Increasing adhesion weight of machine-and-tractor unit by means of automatic device for additional loading
Gorshkov Y.G., Popova A.G., Lisitsina Y.V.
Experimental research of conditions of cylinder oil supply in high-speed four-stroke internal-combustion engine
Putintsev S.V., Ageev A.G.
Improvement of suspension system of mobile power units
Kushnir V.G., Benyukh O.A., Shilo I.N., Romanyuk N.N., Ageychik V.A.
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