Ultrasound examination of pregnant women in diagnosing fetal cardiac pathology
Lim V.A.
Vaginal and intestinal microbiocenosis composition in pregnant women
Bezmenko A.A., Sadovaya N.D.
Current trends in the treatment of chronic placental insufficiency
Novitskaya E.V., Bolotskikh V.M., Polyakova V.O., Kvetnoy I.M.
Risk factors of pathological glycemic variability in pregnant women with type 1 diabetes mellitus
Tiselko A.V.
Analysis of the timing and delivery methods, clinical and laboratory indicators of hiv-infected pregnant women in Saint Petersburg
Mozaleva O.L., Samarina A.V.
Urinary tract infections in obstetrics and gynecology: current issues of diagnosis and antibiotic therapy
Khusnutdinova T.A.
Optimization of methods for the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract infections in pregnant women
Khudovekova A.M., Mozgovaya E.V.
Features of pregnancy and delivery in minors female in a metropolis (by the example of St. Petersburg)
Mikhaylin Y.S., Ivanova L.A., Savitskiy A.G., Zhibura L.P., Minina A.G.
Cognitive function of pregnant women: the problem of postoperative cognitive dysfunction in women after labor
Shchegolev A.V., Shirokov D.M., Chernykh O.A., Vartanova I.V., Khrabrova M.V.
Features of the placenta structure in post-term pregnancy
Burkitova A.M., Polyakova V.O., Bolotskikh V.M., Kvetnoy I.M.
Catastrophic Antiphospholipid Syndrome in Obstetric Practice
Makatsariya A.D., Bitsadze V.O., Khizroeva D.K.
Clinical and social characteristics of adolescent women who gave birth in the framework of the specialized program on management of pregnancy and childbirth in adolescents
Mikhaylin Y.S., Ivanova L.A., Savitskiy A.G., Zhibura L.P., Dementsov I.B., Kasyanova D.S., Minina A.G., Davutyan S.A.
Pelvic endometriosis and pregnancy: different sides of the problem
Denisova V.M., Yarmolinskaya M.I.
Current approaches to treatment of antiphospholipid syndrome during pregnancy: a case report
Kornyushina E.A.
Clinical characteristics and obstetrical principals at HIV-infected women in Saint Petersburg
Niauri D.A., Yakovlev A.A., Penchuk T.E., Rad´kova Y.V., Kukol´nikova Y.A., Musatova E.V., Khubulava N.V.
Saturation of pregnant women organism vitamin D and the course of perinatal period
Gurkina Y.Y., Petrova N.V., Novikova T.V., Yuryev V.V., Dorofeykov V.V., Zazerskaya I.Y.
Pregnancy and delivery in a patient with a 40-year history of type 1 diabetes mellitus and antiphospholipid syndrome
Kapustin R.V., Borovik N.V., Musina E.V., Arzhanova O.N., Yarmolinskaya M.I., Alekseyenkova E.N., Kovalchuk-Kovalevskaya O.V., Petrov Y.A.
Social characteristics of minor pregnant women who decided to keep the baby, in a metropolis (by the example of St. Petersburg)
Mikhailin E.S.
Somatic features and reproduction characteristics of patients with perinatal fetal death
Bezhenar V.F., Ivanova L.A., Frederiks E.V., Anashkina R.I.
Role of the maternal melatonin circadian rhythm absence in early catch-up growth in children
Evsyukova I.I., Ailamazyan E.K.
Actual diagnostic and clinical problems in post-term pregnancy in modern obstetrics
Burkitova A.M., Prokhorova V.S., Bolotskikh V.M.
Subchorionic hematoma. Causes, pathogenesis, diagnostic and treatment management
Kovalyova J.V.
A case of heterotopic pregnancy with selective reduction of the ovum cervical localization and preservation of intrauterine pregnancy
Romanova M.L., Nesterov I.M., Dyachuk A.V., Chirskiy V.V.
Antibacterial treatment of pregnant women colonized by streptococcus group B
Ohanyan K.A., Arzhanova O.N., Paykacheva J.M., Zatsiorsky S.L.
Modern aspects of pregnancy planning in women with diabetes
Grigoryan O.R., Andreyeva Y.N.
Prevention and therapy of threatened preterm birth in multiple pregnancy
Kosyakova O.V., Bespalova O.N.
Diferential dagnosis in twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome: methodology and clinical cases
Nekrasova E.S.
Cesarean section at juvenile obstetrics
Zolotov I.S., Kutusheva G.F., Rukoyatkina Y.A.
Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor as a checkpoint of the embryo invasive potential and endometrial receptivity
Tapilskaya N.I., Gzgzyan A.M., Kogan I.Y.
Liver steatosis at women with obesity. The features of pregnancy
Rzaeva R.N., Mozgovaya E.V., Palgova L.K.
Efficacy of the different modes of insulin therapy in pregnant women with type 1 diabetes mellitus
Potin V.V., Borovik N.V., Tiselko A.V.
Systemic Enzyme Therapy during expectant management of preeclampsia: controlled randomised trial
Repina M.A., Korzo T.M.
Pregnancy planning in women with diabetes mellitus type 2
Borovik N.V., Glavnova O.B., Tiselko A.V., Suslova S.V.
Bezhenar V.F., Tsypurdeeva A.A., Dolinskiy A.K., Polenov N.I., Bailuk E.N., Kakhiani M.I., Rusina E.I.
Peculiarities of high-risk pregnancy management after the IVF procedure: a clinical observation report
Shelaeva E.V., Musina E.V., Yarmolinskaya M.I., Prokhorova V.S., Misharina E.V., Nagorneva S.V.
Lactoginal for correction of abnormal vaginal microbiocenosis in pregnant woman with cervical cerclage: clinical case and literature review
Tapilskaya N.I., Savicheva A.M., Shipitsyna E.V.
Diabetic microvascular complications(retinopathy and nephropathy) and pregnancy
Borovik N.V., Potin V.V., Rutenburg Y.L.
To Doppler or not to Doppler
Goh W.A., Ivica Z.
Challenges and prospects of preterm birth prediction in multiple pregnancies
Kosyakova O.V., Bespalova O.N.
New applications of oocyte vitrification in assisted reproductive technology
Gabarayeva V.V., Kalugina A.S., Kamenetskaya Y.K.
Perinatal infections in the Russian Federation. Screening strategies: problems and prospectives
Savicheva A.M.
Role of natural killer cells in reproductive failure
Agnaeva A.O., Bespalova O.N., Sokolov D.I., Selkov S.A., Kogan I.Y.
Laws of changes of immune status of mother and child at pregnancy prolongation, complicated by premature rupture of amniotic membranes
Dyatlova L.I., Mikhaylov A.V., Chesnokova N.P., Ponukalina Y.V., Glukhova T.N.
The role of active vitamin B12 (holotranscobalamin) in the development of anemia of pregnancy
Kerkeshko G.O., Dorofeykov V.V., Patrukhina N.A., Mozgovaya E.V.
The СYP24A gene expression the placental tissue during pregnancy
Shelepova E.S., Freylikhman O.A., Riabokon N.R., Zhebrun D.A., Kostareva A.A., Zazerskaya I.E.
Semenova T.V., Milyutina Y.P., Arutyunyan A.V., Arzhanova O.N.
Features of a course of pregnancy at bronchial asthma and influence of immunological deposits on a placentary barrier
Shapovalova E.A., Zubzhitskaya L.B., Lavrova O.V., Arzhanova O.N., Dymarskaya Y.R.
Dopplerometric renal blood flow assessment in pregnant women with pyelonephritis
Khudovekova A.M., Nagorneva S.V., Prokhorova V.S., Mozgovaya E.V.
Pathogenetic approach to the pregnancy management in severe alloimmunization
Pavlova N.G., Nagorneva S.V., Shelayeva E.V.
Determination of pH as a method of prevention of preterm birth of infectious genesis in women with a history of miscarrage
Pluzhnikova T.A.
Standard approach to ultrasound investigation of monochorionic twin pregnancy in centers of primary and secondary level of care
Nekrasova E.S.
Instrumental methods of diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy
Ishutina T.M.
Clinical and cytological characteristic of a condition of the oral cavity at pregnant women with various types of a diabetes mellitus
Orekhova L.Y., Aleksandrova A.A., Aleksandrova L.A., Musaeva R.S., Tolibova G.K., Posokhova E.V.
The features of pregnancy at women with liver steatosis and obesity
Rzaeva R.N., Mozgovaya E.V., Palgova L.K., Prokopenko V.M., Tumasova Z.N.
Results of operative obstetrical activity in modern obstetrics
Krasnopol’skiy V.I., Logutova L.S., Buyanova S.N., Chechneva M.A., Akhlediani K.N.
Role of pregravid diet and metformin in the prophylaxis of gestational diabetes and its complications
Komarov E.K., Pluzhnicova T.A., Nicologorskaya E.V., Alabieva E.A.
Correction of vaginal dysbiosis with cavitated solution of chlorhexidine in the 1st trimester of pregnancy: effectiveness and safety
Voroshilina E.S., Zornikov D.L., Plotko E.E.
Significance of social and reproductive factors in mother-to child transmission of HIV
Niauri D.A., Musatova E.V., Kolobov A.V., Martirosyan M.M., Karev V.E., Zinserling V.A.
Treatment of diffuse toxic goiter during pregnancy
Lovkova J.S., Potin V.V., Tkachenko N.N., Shelayeva E.V.
Frequency and weight of complications of pregnancy and childbirth at women with tuberculosis of various localization in Krasnoyarskiy kraY
Vetushenko S.A., Zakharova T.G.
Enterococci and their role in perinatal pathology
Oganyan K.A., Arzhanova O.N., Zatsiorskaya S.L., Savicheva A.M.
Thrombodynamic method of evaluation of some hemostatic parametersin healthy pregnant women and in women with preeclampsia
Kuznik B.I., Zagorodnyaya E.D., Iozefson S.A., Isakova N.V.
Outcomes of pregnancy and delivery large fetus
Mochalova M.N., Ponomareva Y.N., Mudrov A.A., Mudrov V.A.
Folate therapy optimization in complicated pregnancy
Kerkeshko G.O., Arutjunyan A.V., Arzhanova O.N., Milyutina Y.P.
Clinical and diagnostic criteria of cholestatic hepatosis severity in pregnancy
Zhestkova N.V., Radchenko V.G., Tumasova Z.N.
The prevalence of congenital fetal anomalies for the past 5 years (2013-2017)
Nagorneva S.V., Prokhorova V.S., Shelaeva E.V., Khudovecova A.M.
The characteristics of personal and psychological factors and mental condition of pregnant women with early toxemia
Vishnevskaya E.E., Mozgovaya E.v., Petrova N.N.
High perinatal risk in two ethnic groups during pregnancy: associations with the state of the system «Lipid Peroxidation-Antioxidant Defense»
Kolesnikova L.I., Darenskaya M.A., Grebenkina L.A., Protopopova N.V., Dolgikh M.I.
Role of kidney function change in development of low urinary tract during pregnancy
Osipova N.A., Niauri D.A., Gzgzyan A.M., Ziyatdinova G.M.
Risk of developing gestational diabetes in women after assisted reproductive technologies
Arzhanova O.N., Rulyova A.V., Paykacheva Y.M., Ivanova A.O., Nichiporuk N.G.
Pregnancy outcomes features in patients with different severity of asthma
Lavrova O.V., Shapovalova E.A., Dymarskaya Y.R.
Severe obstetric complications as a manifestation of thrombotic microangiopathy
Makatsaria A.D., Akinshina S.V., Bitsadze V.O., Andreeva M.D.
Prevention of pregnancy loss in women with circulation of non-conventional antiphospholipid autoantibodies
Kornyushina E.A., Chepanov S.V., Selkov S.A., Dadayeva D.G., Shakhaliyev R.A., Chudotvorov K.N., Nemstsveridze N.N.
Drug-induced cytolytic syndrome in pregnancy: clinical and biochemical diagnostic criteria
Borisova I.V.
Premature rupture of membranes in term pregnancy: prognosis, pathogenesis, management of pregnancy and labor
Bolotsky V.M.
The role of regulatory molecules in the pathogenesis of disorders of reproductive function in patients with pelvic endometriosis
Yarmolinskaya M.I., Denisova V.M.
The effect of vitamin D on women’s reproductive health
Bakleicheva M.O., Kovaleva I.V., Bespalova O.N., Kogan I.Y.
A case of spontaneous splenic rupture in pregnancy
Mikhaylin Y.S., Ivanova L.A., Savitskiy A.G., Kucheryavyy S.G., Krasnolobov R.A., Krasnolobova P.Y.
The role of dietotherapy in prevention of a diabetic fetopathy at women with gestational diabetes mellitus
Arbatskaya N.Y., Ignatova N.G., Moldovanova M.V., Melnikova E.P., Kandalina V.V.
Coprostasia and pregnancy (clinical observation)
Mikhaylin E.S., Ivanova L.A., Savitskiy A.G., Minina A.G., Zhibura L.P., Sleptsova D.S., Kas’yanova D.S.
The contribution of polymorphism in VDR gene FОKI in the development of osteopenia in pregnancy
Bibkova O.S., Sudakov D.S., Bogdanova E.O., Shaporova N.L., Zazerskaya I.E., Galkina O.V., Dymarskaya Y.R.
Pregnancy and influenza: pathological manifestations of the infection caused by virus A/H1N1
Gladkov S.A.
Atopic dermatitis and pregnancy
Dombrovskaya D.K., Kravchenko E.V.
Comparative efficiency of intravenous and oral iron preparations in anemic pregnant women
Atajanyan А.S., Zaynulina M.S., Malakhovskaya E.A.
The vaginal microbiota in the first trimester of pregnancy in women having history of pregnancy loss
Siniakova A.A., Shipitsyna E.V., Rybina E.V., Budilovskaya O.V., Pluzhnikova T.A., Bolotskikh V.M., Savicheva A.M.
The fetal blood flow state in pregnant women undergoin psychoemotional stress
Khudaverdyan A.D.
Early embryonic losses at HLA compatibility in married couples
Agnaeva A.O., Bespalova O.N.
Frequency and risk factors of colonization of pregnant women with group B streptococci
Khvan V.O., Shipitsyna E.V., Zatsiorskaya S.L., Grinenko G.V., Shalepo K.V., Savicheva A.M.
Morphological and immunohistochemical especially of stilled pregnancy the first trimester
Tral T.G., Tolibova G.K.
The Immunomorphological condition placentae of the women connected with tobacco smoking
Zubzhitskaya L.B., Semenova T.V., Arzhanova O.N.
To the matter about operational treatment of benign neoplasms of ovaries during pregnancy
Barinov S.V., Lazareva O.V., Korneev B.V., Shkabarnya L.L., Grebenuk M.V., Roshchupkina E.A., Belokopytova A.V., Sorokin P.I.
Application of the laryngeal mask airway in cesarean section
Shadenkov V.I., Korostelyov Y.M., Vartanova I.V., Shirokov D.M.
Causes of patients’ obstetric complications after ART
Arzhanova O.N., Paikacheva Y.M., Ruleva A.V., Kapustin R.V., Nichiporuk N.G.
Features of Asthma Treatment while Pregnancy
Lavrova O.V., Shapovalova Y.A., Petrova M.A., Dymarskaya Y.R., Sablina A.V.
Psychological characteristics of pregnant women attending courses of preparation for childbirth
Bloch M.E., Shapovalova E.A., Kiselev A.G.
Uterine fibroid and reproduction
Shapovalova A.I.
Features of vascular stiffness in pregnancy complicated by preeclampsia and postpartum
Riabokon N.R., Zazerskaya I.E., Bolshakova O.O.
Features of uterine scar after cesarean section depending on the time of delivery
Telegina I.V., Pavlov R.V., Selkov S.A.
Pavlova N.G.
Pregnancy in epilepsy: management and delivery
Tsivtsivadze E.B., Petrukhin V.A., Novikova S.V., Vlasov P.N., Ryazantseva E.V., Klimova I.V.
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