The psychological portrait of pregnant women with several complications of multiple pregnancy
Mikhaylov A.V., Zamanayeva Y.V.
Organ-preserving treatment in progressive cervical pregnancy. A clinical case
Sulima A.N., Gunar Z.V., Adamov A.M., Gordeychik A.E., Mkrtchian A.A., Davydova A.A., Tkacheva N.Y.
The role of the HLA-G gene and its expression in the genesis of recurrent miscarriage
Bakleycheva M.O., Bespalova O.N., Ivashchenko T.E.
The dynamics of mental health measures of pre- and postpartum women undergoing assisted reproductive technology
Blokh M.E., Anikina V.O., Savenysheva S.S., Levintsova M.I.
Chronic kidney disease and pregnancy: an interdisciplinary assessment of gestational risks and complications. A literature review
Grigoryeva O.A., Bezhenar V.F.
Anemia and thrombocytopenia in HIV-positive pregnant women
Mozalyova O.L., Samarina A.V., Rassokhin V.V.
Intestinal dysbiosis during pregnancy: the norm or pathology?
Bezmenko A.A., Sadovaya N.D.
Experience in managing severe and extremely severe COVID-19 in pregnant women
Gareyeva A.I., Mozgovaya E.V., Belopolskaya M.A., Kovalchuk A.S., Kucheryavenko A.N.
Antibiotic resistance of pathogens causing community-acquired urinary tract infections in pregnant women with diabetes mellitus
Khusnutdinova T.A., Shipitsyna E.V., Krysanova A.A., Savicheva A.M., Kapustin R.V.
Peculiarities of pregnancy course and outcome in women with confined placental mosaicism
Gagarina A.V., Kuznetsova T.V., Ozhiganova I.N., Pavlova N.G., Baranov V.S.
The influence of reproductively significant autoantibodies determined in the follicular fluid on the quality of the obtained oocytes and embryos, as well as on the implantation rate in assisted reproductive technology cycles
Safarian G.K., Dzhemlikhanova L.K., Kogan I.Y., Niauri D.A., Bespalova O.N., Krikheli I.O., Ob’edkova K.V., Lesik E.A., Komarova E.M., Gzgzyan A.M.
Methods of treatment of functional disorders of urination after induced termination of pregnancy in the second trimester and complicated deliveries
Askina L.R., Trubina T.B.
Pregnancy and childbirth in patients with endometriosis
Bezhenar V.F., Rogatinskaya E.V., Dyachenko D.T., Fedosova D.V.
Efficacy of using recombinant granulocyte colony-stimulating factor in IVF/ICSI protocols in patients with predicted suboptimal response to controlled ovarian stimulation
Nguyen C.T., Kogan I.Y., Niauri D.A., Makhmadaliyeva M.R., Dzhemlikhanova L.K., Krikheli I.O., Tapilskaya N.I., Obyedkova K.V., Abdulkadyrova Z.K., Tran T.T., Mekina I.D., Lesik E.A., Komarova E.M., Ishchuk M.A., Gzgzyan A.M.
Combined method of preparing the cervix uteri for labor in pregnant women with a lack of birth preparedness and a tendency to post-term pregnancy
Burkitova A.M., Bolotskikh V.M.
Labor in women with the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and HIV infection
Gareyeva A.I., Kovalchuk A.S., Lioznov D.A., Sudakov D.S., Nesvit E.M., Kucheryavenko A.N.
Features of the course of pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period in women with cerebrovascular pathology and assessment of perinatal outcomes
Yatsenko D.S., Gabelova K.A., Bezhenar V.F.
Vitamin A and pregnancy: myths and reality; prospects for the use in patients with endometriosis. A review
Seyidova C.I., Yarmolinskaya M.I.
Efficiency of intravenous therapy with Intralipid fat emulsion in patients with early reproductive loss
Bespalova O.N., Zhernakova T.S., Selkov S.A., Chepanov S.V.
Genetic factors of predilection for habitual noncarrying of pregnancy at early stages
Bespalova O.N., Arzhanova O.N., Ivaschenko T.E., Aseev M.V., Ailamazyan E.K., Baranov V.S.
The role of erythropoietin in the pathogenesis and treatment of iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy and in the postpartum period
Ailamazyan E.K., Tarasova М.A., Zaitsev А.А., Samarina А.V.
Stress in pregnant women and childbirth amid the COVID-19 pandemic
Blokh M.E., Anikina V.O., Savenysheva S.S.
Evaluation of the effectiveness of modified CRD tests in the diagnosis of preeclampsia
Fedotov S.A., Gerasimova E.M., Vashukova E.S., Pakin V.S., Kapustin R.V., Pachuliya O.V., Glotov A.S., Kulichikhin K.Y., Chernoff Y.O., Rubel A.A.
Predictors of late complications in pregnant women with arterial hypertension
Khalenko V.V., Arzhanova O.N., Mozgovaya E.V.
Myomectomy or conservative management of uterine fibroids: effects on reproductive potential
Shapovalova A.I., Popov E.N., Mozgovaya E.V.
Clinical features of labor and morphological aspects of the myometrium receptor profile in obese women
Seryogina D.S., Mozgovaya E.V., Tral T.G., Tolibova G.K., Sotnikova L.K.
Clinical experience in the prevention and treatment of urogenital infections in pregnancy failure
Kakheli I.V., Kintraya N.P., Dzhakeli N.N., Kashakashvili I.G.
Features Central Blood Circulation at Women with Normal and Pathological Current of Pregnancy
Kosheleva N.G., Buzurukova P.S., Vosheva T.P., Crawl T.M.
Evaluation of the efficiency of kanefron for the treatment of gestosis combined with renal pathology
Pecherina L.V., Mozgovaya E.V.
Intensive treatment in observing pregnant women with Rh-isoimmunization
Ailamazyan E.K.
Postoperative complications risk after multifetal pregnancy reduction
Koroteev A.L., Talantova O.E., Novikova A.V., Prokhorova V.S., Mikhailov A.V.
Abortion pregnant: immunologycal and gormonale aspects
Samorodinova L.A., Kormakowa T.L.
Changes in thrombocytes at complicated pregnancy eph-gestosis
Koval S.B., Kovalenko T.N., Seredenko М.M.
The use of vilprafen in obstetric practice
Berlev I.V.
Common loss of the I-th three months gestation, observation tactics
Sidelnicova V.M., Sosnina V.V.
Full-term abdominal pregnancy case
Orlov V.I., Estrin V.V., Shevko I.G., Rozina V.I., Sagamonova K.Y., Zinkin V.I.
Pregnancy-associated papp-a / prombp protein complex. Physicochemical properties, molecular structure and physiological role
Khokhlov P.P., Selkov S.A.
Diagnosis and treatment of acute pyelonephritis in the second half of pregnancy
Nechiporenko N.A., Nechiporenko A.N.
Features of functional maturation of the central nervous system in fetuses with multiple pregnancies
Prokhorova V.S., Pavlova N.G., Konstantinova N.N.
Ultrasound examination and chorionic gonadotropin evaluation in preoperative diagnostic of ectopic pregnancy
Bezhenar V.F., Ruhliada N.N., Ivanova O.A.
Role of urogenital infection in early termination of pregnancy
Kulavsky V.A., Kulavsky E.V.
The use of the drug "duphaston"in women with a history of miscarriage to prepare for pregnancy and treat the threat of termination of pregnancy
Pluzhnikova T.A.
Hypertension in pregnancy: a danger for now and later
Geirsson R.
Psychological analysis of women’s experiences of late pregnancy termination for fetal anomaly
Mikhaylov A.V., Zamanayeva Y.V.
Maternal circadian rhythm and its implications for offspring health
Evsyukova I.I.
Management of ectopic pregnancy in Tallinn Central Hospital Women’s Clinic (Estonia). How to swich to minimal invasion
Szirko F., Таmmemde L., Varvas M.
Diagnostic symptoms of endotoxicosis during pregnancy as a prognostic of sepsis
Gazazyan M.G., Ponomaryova N.A., Lebedev A.S., Sarukhanov V.M., Angaleva E.N., Ivanova O.Y.
The effect of the number of fetuses on pregnancy outcome after in-vitro fertilization
Arzhanova O.N., Korsak V.S., Paikatchova Y.M.
Chemical substances as a risk factor causing abnormalities of female reproductive function
Blagodatin V.M., Litovskaya A.V., Novohatskaya O.O., Tihomirov J.P., Pereslegina I.A., Penkovich A.A., Korkotashvili L.V.
Vasoregulating function of vascular endothelium at physiological pregnancy and under gestosis
Bloshchinskaia I.A., Petrichko T.A., Davidovich I.M.
Features of pregnancy and delivery in minors female in a metropolis (by the example of St. Petersburg)
Mikhaylin Y.S., Ivanova L.A., Savitskiy A.G., Zhibura L.P., Minina A.G.
Perinatal outcomes of pregnancy and childbirth in moderate to severe COVID-19 patients
Bezhenar V.F., Nesterov I.M., Dobrovolskaya I.A.
Hormonal function of ovaries under pregnancy developing after ECF
Ailamazyan E.K., Komarov E.K., Arzhanova E.K., Paikacheva J.M.
Resolution of the Scientific and Practical Conference "Miscarriage and Premature Baby", Petrozavodsk, June, 2002
Ailamazyan E.K., Kulakov V.I.
Specific female function status under the influence of industrial factors
Bezhenar V.F., Grebeniuck A.N., Antushevitch A.E., Philippovsky A.S.
Efficiency of realization of complex preventive maintenance and corrections of the perinatal pathology at psycho emotional stress during pregnancy
Malgina G.B., Abramchenko V.V.
Maternal pregestational diabetes as an factor in the genesis of congenital malformations of the fetus
Shengelia N.D., Bespalova O.N., Shengelia M.O.
The study of types and titers of anti-cardiolipin antibodies in women with adverse pregnancy outcomes
Gromiko G.L., Zubgitskya L.B., Starovoitov V.A.
Medical and social aspects of pregnancy termination
Oboskalova T.A., Kolpashchikova G.I., Voronova S.А., Prokhorova Е.А.
Particularities of endovideosurgical treatment of fallopian pregnancy
Strizheletskiy V.V., Kakhiani Е.I., Zhemchyuzhina Т.Y., Tayts А.N.
The course of labor in term patients with concomitant acute intestinal infections
Kovalchuk A.S., Popov E.N., Lioznov D.A., Sudakov D.S.
Clinical significance of predictive and diagnostic indices of fetal pathology associated with placental insufficiency in women with endometriosis
Lipatov I.S., Tezikov Y.V., Amosov M.S.
Postterm pregnancy: fetal surveillance and management
Gintautas V.
Vitaminic and erythropoietinic background of pregnancy anemia
Burlev V.A., Konovodova E.N., Spirichev V.B., Ilyasova N.A., Pavlovitch S.V., Sokur T.N., Cheldieva A.A.
The early neonatal period of neonates born after multiple pregnancies after in vitro fertilization
Maslianuk N.A.
Research of genetic predisposition to gestosis: polymorphism of genes, participating in vasoregulation of functions endothelium
Mozgovaya Y.V.
The use of the drug mildronate in obstetrics
Pavlova N.G., Krivtsova E.I., Konstantinova N.N.
Fetal brain venous return in complicated pregnancy
Ailamazyan E.K., Polyanin A.A., Kogan I.Y.
Ectopic pregnancy - modern aspects of diagnosis and treatment. Clinical and economic effect of the use of modern medical technologies in the treatment of tubal pregnancy
Komlichenko Е.V., Tsivyan B.L., Urakova R.V.
Modern technologies of herb therapy in obstetrics and perinatology
Radzinsky V.E.
Patogenesis-based effect of magnesium - sulfate in toxemia of pregnancy
Zaiynulina M.S., Niaury D.A.
TNF-alpha and IL-I secretion in macrophage cultures obtained from placentas in various pregnancy outcomes
Pavlov O.V., Selkov S.A., Arzhanova O.N., Selutin A.V., Shamugia M.S., Ananyeva V.V.
Type of placentation as a criterion of fetal selection before multifetal pregnancy reduction
Koroteev A.L., Talantova O.E., Novikova A.V., Prokhorova V.S., Mikhailov A.V.
Course and outcome of pregnancy in patients with infectious hypersecretory diarrhea
Balan B., Beliayeva T.V.
The evolution of abortion - "from juniper to mifepristone"
Tsvelev Y.V., Lyatoshinskaya P.V.
Spontaneous abortion and its prophylaxis
Repina M.A.
Industrial factors of abnormalities of reproductive health as to women employed at petrochemical industry
Gaynullina M.K.
Psychological features of patients reaction on the stress connected with laparoscopic by intervention
Tayts A.N.
Effect of dydrogesterone on the hormonal profile and concentration of progesterone-induced blocking factor in pregnant women with threatened abortion
Kalinka J., Szekeres-Bartho J.
Clinical and immunological aspects of a pathology newborn at genital chlamidiosis of a mother, which were revealed during pregnant
Evsukova I.I., Koroleva L.I., Kosheleva N.G., Parusov V.N., Zubzhitskaya L.B., Savicheva A.M., Ishchenko A.M.
Somatic features and reproduction characteristics of patients with perinatal fetal death
Bezhenar V.F., Ivanova L.A., Frederiks E.V., Anashkina R.I.
Saturation of pregnant women organism vitamin D and the course of perinatal period
Gurkina Y.Y., Petrova N.V., Novikova T.V., Yuryev V.V., Dorofeykov V.V., Zazerskaya I.Y.
Subchorionic hematoma. Causes, pathogenesis, diagnostic and treatment management
Kovalyova J.V.
Catastrophic Antiphospholipid Syndrome in Obstetric Practice
Makatsariya A.D., Bitsadze V.O., Khizroeva D.K.
Primary herpes simplex virus infection in pregnancy outcomes
Zaidieva Z.S., Tioutiounnik V.L., Bubnova N.I.
The influence of fertility proteins upon lymphocyte activation in decidua
Panova I.A., Sotnikova N.Y., Posiseeva L.V., Kudryashova A.V., Kroshkina N.V., Chelyshev O.L., Astraukh N.V.
The early diagnostics of obstetric sepsis
Gazazian M.G., Ponomareva N.A., Saruhanov V.M., Krasikova L.I.
Hepatodepressive syndrome caused by pregnancy
Atayants K.M., Sevostiyanova O.Y.
Proteins including selen and pregnancy
Prokopenko V.M.
Pathogenetic criteria for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of arterial hypertension during pregnancy
Arzhanova O.N., Osipova N.A.
Eco in infertility. Inspection of pregnancy and delivery
Savelieva G.M., Kurtser М.A., Krasnopolskaya K.V., Eroyan L.K.
The psychosomatic approach to the obstetrical problems
Kaplun I.B.
The risk of reproductive health disorders in women when exposed to harmful factors
Sivochalova O.V.
Pregnancy in a woman with secondary osteoporosis. A case report
Sokolova A.A., Kuznetsova L.V., Khadzhieva E.D.
Modern aspects of pregnancy planning in women with diabetes
Grigoryan O.R., Andreyeva Y.N.
Functional activity of thyroid gland of women with physiological pregnancy and with combination late gestosis
Olshevskaya E.V., Miroshnikova T.S.
II. Ductus venosus and inferior vena cava blood flows during normal pregnancy
Kogan I.J., Polyanin A.A., Novikova A.V., Prokhorova V.S., Mikhailov A.V.
Hemodynamical parameters in functional system "motherplacenta-fetus" in women had higher levels of alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) and horionic gonadotropin (HG) in 11 trimester of pregnancy
Gagarina A.V., Pavlova N.G., Kaicheeva T.K.
The role of antiphospholipid antibodies in development of pregnancy complications in women with mycoplasmic and associated infections
Maltseva L.I., Lobova L.A.
The prenatal diagnostics in optimization of pregnancy outcome
Savelieva G.M., Sichinava L.G., Panina O.B., Gnetetskaya V.A.
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