In memory of Nikolay Alexandrovich Sosnin, a pioneer of endoscopic operative gynecology in the Arkhangelsk region (to the 70th anniversary of his birth and the 100th anniversary of N.A. Semashko Northern Medical Clinical Center, Arkhangelsk, Russia)
Andreeva A.V., Baranov A.N., Kazakevich E.V., Kozyr O.F., Samburov G.O., Tuchina T.A., Dyachkov S.K.
From the history of the Otts' stock
Yakovenko T.G.
Tsvelev Yu.V. Urgent gynecology (a practical guide for doctors)/. Yu.V. Tsvelev, V.F. Bezhenar, I.V. Berlev. - SPb .: OOO "Foliant Publishing House". - 2004 .- 384 p. - 1000 copies. - ISBN 5-93929-099-X (in translation)
Bagnenko S.F., Niauri D.A.
Comparative evaluation of combined and isolated applications of high-intensity focused ultrasound and super-selective uterine artery embolization in treatment of patients with uterine fibroids
Politova A.K., Kira E.F., Bolomatov N.V., Kitayev V.M., Bruslik S.V., Sviridova T.I., Slabozhankina E.A., Amelina Y.L., Politova A.A.
Ureteral trauma in obstetric and gynecological practice
Loran O.B., Pushkar D.Y., Gumin L.M., Godunov B.N.
Application of enhanced recovery after cesarean delivery. A review
Ryazanova O.V., Shifman E.M., Olina A.A., Alexandrovich Y.S., Medzhidova D.R., Ezhova V.O., Kogan I.Y.
Contribution of K.P. Ulezko-Stroganova то the investigation of the problem of female genitalia morphology
Friedman D.B., Tsvelev U.V., Rukhlyada N.N.
About VII europian symposium concerning psychosomatical investigations in obstetrics and gynaecology. Debretsen. Hungary
Kaplun I.B., Abramchenko V.V.
From the history of the evolution of laparoscopic surgery in the Northern Scientific Medical School of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Andreyeva A.V., Samburov G.O., Baranov A.N., Dyachkov S.K., Burenkov G.M.
Ways to reduce the risk of bladder traumatization during obstetrical and gynecological surgeries
Sergeev A.P., Glebova N.N., Trubina T.B.
Principles of bladder injury prevention in obstetric and gynecological practice
Loran O.B., Lipsky V.S., Spirin V.A., Popkov V.M., Blumberg B.I.
"Gynecology from puberty to postmenopause": A Practical Guide for Physicians / Ed. E.K. Ailamazyan. - M .: MEDpress-Inform, 2004 - 448 pages
Radzinsky V.E.
Work of leningrad obstetricians and gynecologists within great domestic war and blockade of city
Tsveliov Y.V., Shmidt А.A.
150-th Anniversary of the Birth of Dmitry Oskarovich Ott
Tsvelev Y.V., Simchera I.A.
The first experience of gynecological laparoendoscopy
Alieva H.G.
To the casuistry of circular detachment of the vaginal part during childbirth
Letsius L.
The role of Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov in the development of domestic obstetrics and gynecology
Tsvelev Y.V.
Guide to the children's and addescent's gynecology
Gurkin Y.A., Yuriev V.K.
Resolution of the Joint Meeting of the Interdepartmental Council "Medical and Environmental Problems of Reproductive Health Protection" and the Problem Commission "Ecology and Reproductive Function of Women" of the Scientific Council on Obstetrics and Gynecology of RAMS on May 11-12, 2000
Aylamazyan E.K., Sivochalova O.V., Belyaeva T.V.
Transplantation in gynecology
Kira E.F., Bezhenar V.F., Demjanchuk R.V.
The main indexes of the work of obstetrical and gynecological services in Saint-Petersburg for 1999
Novikov B.N.
Professor Alexey S. Slepykh on the 95th anniversary
Bezhenar V.F., Turlak A.S.
Information about dissertations on obstetrics and gynecology defended at the D.001.21.01 Dissertation Council (Ott Research Institute of Gynecology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences) in 1999
Ailamazyan E.K.
Quality-of-life evaluation in gynecologic patients outlook
Kira E.F., Bezhenar V.F., Ruhliada N.N.
The opportunities for simultaneous gynecological laparoscopic operations
Bezhenar V.F., Rutenburg G.M., Strizheletsky V.V., Zhemchuzhina Т.Y., Gordeeva Т.V.
The experience of synthetic materials application in pelvic surgery
Bezhenar V.F., Ivanova R.D., Tsculadze L.K., Rusina Е.I., Blagodarnij G.V.
Clinical characteristics of patients with reproductive dysfunction and benign ovarian neoplasms
Gataulina R.G.
Endoscopic surgery in gynecology: state and development prospects
Кулаков В.И., Адамян Л.В.
Surgical treatment of widespread forms of genital endometriosis with affection of next organs
Ishchenko A.I., Kudrina E.A., Ozgen D., Bakhvalova А.А.
Transvaginal endoscopy: new possibilities in operative gynaecology
Ogourtsov A.V., Kabeshov А.М., Bryantsev А.D., Vedeneeva N.V., Smirnova О.А., Arkanova Е.I., Kornyichuk J.V.
Protocol No. X. Administrative arrest on December 20, 1890
Krassovskiy A.Y.
To questions of modern gynecology
Kupidonova V.
To the question of the therapeutic use of the salts of sosoiodol in gynecology.
Lapina I.I.
100th Anniversary of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Pavlov State Medical University
Ailamazyan E.K., Novikov B.N., Starovoitov V.A.
Laparoscopic simultaneous operations in women
Singaevsky N.B., Borisov А.V., Bokuchava N.V., Jaroslavsky V.K.
Evolution of reproductive surgery
Kira E.F.
Endometriosis and SARS-CoV-2. A case report
Plekhanov A.N., Bezhenar V.F., Bezhenar F.V., Epifanova T.A.
Presentation of the placenta with dropsy of the fetus
Ginzburg M.
Sending the oil seal
Ginzburg M.
Vomiting in pregnant women
Kakushkin N.
On artificial interruption of pregnancy with pulmonary tubercles
Kakushkin N.
A case of giving birth to fours
Kakushkin N.
A case of uterine treatment
Kakushkin N.
Hysteria-epilepsy and castration.
Rochet H.
A few observations on Dr. Auvard's baby bed warmer
Arnoldov V.A.
35. Т. Cramer: Parametritis abscedens bei einem 12 jährigem Mädchen (Deutsche med. Wochenschr., 1892, № 33). Parametritis abscedens y 12 year old girl.
Feinberg B.
Graefe. — Two cases of ovarian fibroids. (Centr. F. Gynaec., No. 1, 1895).
Stroganov V.
König. — Beitrag zur Kasuistik der Retention abgestorbener Früchte im Uterus. (Centralbl. F. Gynäk., 1894, No. 44). To cases of detention of a dead fetus in the uterus
Kakushkin N.M.
Ovarian sarcoma
Lapina A.
Ostermann. - Die Cardinalbewegung des Geburtsmechanismus. (Zeitschr. F. Geb. und Gyn., Bd. XXIX). Cardinal movement of the labor mechanism
Khazan S.Y.
Catgut for operations on the perineum and on the uterine cervix
Kholmogorova S.S.
Tuberculosis of the ovarian cyst and uterine polyp
Kakushkin N.
Once again about the danger of intrauterine injection of glycerin for the production of artificial premature birth. Objection to Pelzer's article
Strogonov V.
Is a clavicle fracture a contraindication for swinging (Schultz's method) of a child born with asphyxiation?
Strogonov V.
A case of lymphangiomae subaxillaris obstructing labor
Strogonov V.
About the expansion of the cervical contraction by plastic means
Strogonov V.
Dr. Gardiner. Dystocia from occlusion of cervix uteri. (Lancet, 26 May, 1894, p. 1300). Obstruction to childbirth due to pharyngeal overgrowth
Ginzburg M.
Prof. Paul. F. Munde. Ten Years ’experience with Alexander’s operation for schortening the round ligaments of the uterus — sixty-five cases. (American Journal of obstetrics and diseases of Women and children, 1894, August, p. 297). Ten years of experience with shortening of the round uterine ligaments (Alexander's operation), 65 cases.
Ginzburg M.
R. Emanuel. Beitrag zur Lehre von der uterus tuberculose. (Zeitschr. F. Geburtsh. U. Gynaek., Bd., XXIX). To the doctrine of uterine tuberculosis
Feinberg B.
Friedrich Schwarz. Sytphyseotomie bei allgemein verengtem Becken mit 7,0 cm. Conj. vera. (Centralbl. F. Gynäk., 1894, no. 36). Dissection of the bosom with a generally narrowed pelvis with a true conjugate in 7 ctm
Kakushkin N.
To casuistic damage caused by sub coitu
Fenomenov N.N.
Inversio vesicae urinariae per fissuram abdominis cum atresia vaginae in a newborn girl.
Feinberg B.I.
A. L. Robinson. A case of twin extra-uterine pregnancy. (N. Y. Med. Journ. Iune 18, 1892). A case of extrauterine pregnancy with twins.
Kuhn F.
False dermoid ovarian cysts that developed after oophoropexy
Kakushkin N.
The volume of nitrogen metabolism in the last days of pregnancy and in the first days of the postpartum period
Kakushkin N.
Transverse Hermaphroditism in a male
Kaplyachskiy V.
Mental illness of the feeding period
Kakushkin N.
The case of Dr. Piotrovich with forensic medicine subtle vision
Stolts V.I.
Referenced by Centralbl. f. Gynaek., 1894
Kakushkin N.M.
I. A. Zhivopistsev. To the question of the influence of childbirth and the postpartum period on fibrous tumors of the uterus, with a description of one case. (Hospital Gazette, 1894, No. 10 and 11)
Rachinskiy N.
V Congress of the Society of Russian Physicians in memory of N.I. Pirogov. Meeting on December 28, 1893
Lebedev A.I.
About the effect of umbilical cord knots on the life of the fetus
Sheinis L.
Childbirth with buttock presentation. Hydrocephalic head, lingering in the uterus after separation of the trunk
Mazurkevich A.K.
Transfusional diseases of the urethra, cervix, Bartholin glands in prostitutes
Kakushkin N.
For a case of bending back and infringement of the pregnant uterus
Kakushkin N.
Medical report on the activities of the Obstetric Department of the Gynecological Clinic prof. N.V. Yastrebova at the Imperial Warsaw University in 1890 (from 15 / III), 1891 and 1892 (until 15 / III)
Brzhezinsky V.A.
Cysts and cystoms of the ovary
Slaviansky K.F.
A case of incomplete separation of the hymen
Zabolotsky A.P.
On the casuistry of malformations of female genital organs
Kudish G.
To the casuistry of perforation of the uterus with the introduction of instruments into its cavity
Zabolotskiy A.
A case of an ectopic pregnancy. Gluttony. Recovery
Hermonius A.
Sadovsky P.T.
Milky duct fistulas
Zabolotskiy A.
Voff I.A.
Meeting of the obstetric and gynecological society. Protocol #3.
Slavyansky K.F.
Several data on the sexual activity of the peasant women of the Taganrog district of the Oblast of the Don Army
Zabolotskiy A.
A case of pregnancy and childbirth with complete hymen intact
Zabolotskiy A.
Krassovskiy A.Y.
Removal of ovarian cysts and uterine appendages through the vagina
Rutkovskiy A.
Long-term preventive treatment of puerperal eclampsia with chloral
Markova S.
Indomitable vomiting in a woman in the fifth month of pregnancy, cured by suggestion
Markova S.
Fisher A.P.
Massen V.N.
Twelve gluttonies
Tyshko I.
Amputation of the vaginal part of the cervix in cases of suspected cancer
Currier A.F.
Meeting on September 16 (evening)
Hermonius A.K.
Dekansky A.P.
On the use of electricity in gynecology
Brandt A.
A case of Porro surgery for a narrow osteomalacia pelvis; recovery from osteomalacia
Soloviev A.
PROTOCOL No. IV. Administrative appointment on April 16, 1892
Slavyanskiy K.F.
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